14 week puppy, changing food schedule

Discussion in 'Puppy Feeding' started by tranta1989, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. tranta1989

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    Pi has been eating 1/2 cup of Fromm puppy gold, 3 times a day. He is now 14 weeks and we are slowly starting to switch his food over to Wellness Super5Mix. We just have so much of the Fromm puppy food left... I don't know what to do with it! We had the breeder buy a 30lb bag for us, and theres about half left!

    Anyways, his schedule has been...

    1/2 cup for breakfast around 8am
    we leave for work at 10 am, so he is in his crate until 1pm. Someone comes home to give him 1/2 cup for lunch and potty.
    Then we get home to let him out at 4:30-5pm.
    Dinner is 1/2 cup at 8pm.

    I have read a lot about how much to feed a puppy and such, and I think that I will keep his food at a cup and a half a day since it seems to be good for him. He eats it all up so fast, but he is not skinny or overweight (14.5lbs at 14 weeks). But I was wondering if I should start feeding him just twice a day? 3/4 cup in the AM and 3/4 cup at night?

    What are your opinions about not needing someone to come at 1pm anymore? He would then be in his crate from 10am until 4:30-5pm. I feel like 7 hours is too long for my 3 month old boy. But he does sleep through the night (8-9hours) before having to potty. If this is ok, should I leave water in his crate for him?

    I have a feeling that it is too soon to crate him for that long. If so, should I still change his feeding schedule to just twice a day? And when do you think it would be ok for him to be crated for that long at home by himself?

    I know it's a lot of questions, but I am very anxious! Thank you for any replies!
  2. Gally

    Gally Senior Member

    I think it would be fine to continue mixing the fromm with the new food until the fromm is gone or you could donate what's left to a rescue.

    Ideally it would be great if someone could take him out once a day indefinitely but realistically he may be able to hold it all day after 6 months to a year depending on his his own personal level of control.
  3. Gally

    Gally Senior Member

    What's really important is that if he must be crated all day he gets enough exercise and mental stimulation once you get home.
  4. LaRogue

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    I agree with using up the food you have, as long as he is not having an issue with it. Rescues in my area won't accept open food and my local shelter wouldn't accept an unopened, brand new bag, I had lost my receipt for and couldn't return. They said they had to feed a specific brand, but did point me in the direction of someone who does unfunded rescue. She was happy to receive it, so all ended well!

    I also agree it would be best if you can have some one to come let him out. If you can't, think about setting up an x-pen on an easy to clean surface, where you can make a designated area with newspapers or puppy pads, for Pi to relieve himself. It will give him more room than a crate and (IMO) would be more helpful with his house training than crating him and running the risk of a non preventable accident in his crate.
  5. tranta1989

    tranta1989 Senior Member

    He is already mostly potty trained, he will ring the bell to go outside to potty. I can certainly have someone come during the day, but probably until he turns 6 months. I have to pay someone every time they come. I was wondering if I set up the x-pen for him, since he will potty on the pad, will he forget that he is suppose to ring the bell to go outside to potty? Right now he rings the bell and we let him out on the patio, where we lay down some pee pads.

    I will definitely wait a few more months then.

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