9 week old Pembroke not interested in meals

Discussion in 'Puppy Feeding' started by harveythecorgi, Apr 14, 2013.

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    My pups LOVE to eat when I do "find it!" Some dogs just do better when they "work" for food. Treat balls are a great way to stimulate their minds and bodies - and feeding our Dachshund by treat balls exclusively (with little bits of dried fruit, egg, cheese or other 'stinkies' added in here and there to provoke more interest) did WONDERS for him with separation anxiety and just overly obnoxious behavior. It cracks me up to see them running through the backyard, and have a piece of kibble that was tossed out for 'grazing' catch their nose. They usually stop suddenly, and go OH COOL! at their find haha ;)
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    U don't think you have tried sufficient alternative meals for your Corgi to really find out what he likes that is appropriate for dogs but he may be once if those dogs who prefer a high protein diet. So try what I mostly give my Taylor - Orijen dry food (80% premium animal food) and a supplement of diced boiled sheep or pig tongues or hearts. Taylor and many other Corgis thrives of this kind of fare.

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  3. harveythecorgi

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    Hi there guys !

    Just a minor update after 2 weeks. I have tried feeding Harvey ONLY dry dog food for about a week and I noticed that he only ate on average, 1 out of 3 meals intended per day and sometimes even starves himself for the entire day.

    Realising that he's eating far below the recommended amount for a dog his age and size, I decided to buy a food processor/blender to mesh up cooked chicken+pumpkin+carrots.

    So I thoroughly mixed the meshed up foods together with his dry dog foods. Initially with the first 3 feedings, it went well. He ate everything together with the dry dog food. However on the 4th and 5th feeding, I noticed that he started to lick up the foods and spit the dry dog food back out. Essentially, he was picking out only the chicken/pumpkin/carrots and spat the dry dog food out. I was shocked.

    At the moment, he's eating far below the recommended feeding amounts. I am just afraid this might lead to lack of nutrition, affecting his development as a puppy and lead to future health issues when he is older.
    Does anyone know what I can do in this situation? I'm really desperate to see my dog eat regularly at the recommended amounts for his age/weight.
  4. Gally

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    Going to assume you have already taken him to the vet about this eating issue to rule out any health problems. Have you checked the kibble for freshness? What is the expiry date on the bag and when was the bag opened? Is it possible the food is rancid or stale?

    I know you are trying to not create a picky eater but I think it is okay to try another brand to see if it is just a matter of taste though if he quickly grows tired of a new brand he seemed to initially love I would go back to the tough love method.

    You could also look into feeding him a homecooked diet.
  5. harveythecorgi

    harveythecorgi Junior Member

    Hi Gally!

    I have certainly tried another brand and I have also ruled out all health issues (brought him to the vet twice). He is currently on Innova (previously on Artemis) for dry dog food.

    I heard that the dry dog food is essential for dental health and it contains the whole set of nutrients required for the dog. Therefore, I have this perception that it is essential for him to eat the dry food.

    Is there anything else I can do considering all that I have tried? If I were to go tough love, he tends to starve until he is really hungry before he would eat the dry food. I do not want him to eating far below his recommended diet amounts :(
  6. Michael Romanos

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    There are so many quite simple things you can try. Why not get wet food (canned or rolled) that surpasses AAFCO standards and forget dry processed food.

    Many dogs prefer wet food to dry food largely because the wet food is tastier and less harsher on their digestive system.

    The main drawback with wet food( canned or rolled) is the water content - you are paying for water which is not useful.

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  7. Gally

    Gally Senior Member

    Dry food cleaning a dogs teeth is a total myth. You can try a high quality wet food either alone or mixed with the kibble. The only real down side to wet food is the cost. You can look up high quality canned foods here: Wet Dog Food Reviews | Dog Food Advisor

    There are also dehydrated food options you could try that he may prefer the texture/taste of such as Ziwipeak or The Honest Kitchen.

    There are recipe books you can get if you want to try a homecooked diet but it obviously takes a lot more work. If you want to read about feeding homecooked I would start here: DogAware.com: Homemade Diets for Dogs

    I feed my dog a raw diet which I would be happy to provide information on if you are interested.
  8. Michael Romanos

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    Gally - kibble and dog biscuits as helpful in cleaning a dog's teeth are NOT a myth. Sizeable dog biscuits such as those from Ilams and Eukanuba are particularly helpful. But what is a myth is that biscuits and kibble are effecrive on their own in preventing dental disease. The only true effective measure is regular cleaning of dog's teeth with dog dental cream.

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  9. Firestar1215

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    I have a more experience pre-vet friend who has worked in a vet office for years, she says that wet food can actually cause your dogs teeth to plague up and rot a lot faster then dry food. Of course i'm not saying you should stay away from wet food, but you have to keep a closer eye on your dogs teeth.
  10. Gally

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    Whether you feed kibble or wet food you still need to do something to clean your dogs teeth. Dry food would have minimal effect at best on cleaning a dog's teeth. The dry food cleaning teeth would be like saying eating crackers or chips is good for your teeth. There may be some minimal plaque scraping going on but it wont help long term or around the gum line which is the crucial area.
    Dry Dog Food and the Myth of Cleaner Teeth
  11. Firestar1215

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    sorry I wasn't saying that dry food does clean the teeth, just that wet food with the moisture tends to be worse. You're right you do have to watch your dogs teeth either way.
  12. harveythecorgi

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    Hi Michael,

    What brand of Canned food do you feed your corgis? I see that you are based in NZ and I reckon we get relatively similar brands imported into AUS/NZ. A lot of the reputable US brands (i.e. Innova/EVO/Wellness etc) are facing supplier issues and have stopped shipping into Australia.

    I am willing to try any methods as long as it gets Harvey onto a regular eating routine. As a first time owner, it has been very upsetting seeing him not eat regularly and I am reaching a point of desperation to try any good sensible alternatives. Please provide me with more suggestions if you happen to have any. It will be greatly appreciated!
  13. Michael Romanos

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    I have never given my present Corgi canned food. But I do buy a dog roll called Chunky and this roll can last two months as he only gets it as a supplement every so often and also as treats when it comes to any training/agility. Other dog rolls have a much lesser shelf life. However there are canned food and rolls such as Chunky which surpass AAFCO standards and these are almost always identified by this fact on the labels. They should be available at all leading pet stores and at vet clinics. Premium processed dry kibble food is superior to wet food but if your dog does not like the dry stuff then wet food is an ok option.Good hard and large biscuits are also on the market and the ones that i have purchased for Taylor - Ilams, Eukanuba, Nutri-plus and Champ (Tux) are all valuable for a number of reasons including teeth and gum maintenance and all of these I believe surpass AAFCO standards as well. Taylor gets two large biscuits daily for his lunch.

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  14. Peggy

    Peggy Senior Member

    You could mix some canned food into the kibble. Say a spoonful or two and some warm water and mix it all together. Try that.

    There are many very good companies that make canned food nowdays. Find something that looks good and give it a try.

  15. Michael Romanos

    Michael Romanos Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    Some of the leading food producers of premium dog dry food also produce canned food - so no need to look for something that "looks good" - these will be pointing you in the right direction.

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  16. Peggy

    Peggy Senior Member

    By looks good, I meant the flavor, they come in many flavors. Sheesh!


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