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Discussion in 'Stories' started by KatC, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. KatC

    KatC Senior Member

    Last night I attached a small 6 x 4 inch double sided Corgi decal to the car window. Abby was playing ball outside the garage and did not see me doing this.

    This morning as we approached the car, to my utter amazement, she stopped abruptly, stared at the decal and gave a low threatening growl, which immediately changed to a look of delight.

    She ran up to the car wagging her tail, never taking her eyes off the Corgi who obviously was waiting for her inside. Impatiently waited for me to open the door, then leapt in to investigate and could not believe it when she found this Corgi had somehow managed to get outside and was now facing her again.

    The next few minutes were quite hysterical, as quivering with excitement she turned herself nearly inside out trying to check the back and the front of the visiting Corgi. I thought at one stage that to calm her down I would have to remove it. However after a while she contented herself with thoroughly snuffling and kissing the Corgi face.

    We then proceeded to drive over for a Hydrobath and I took these pics on our return. You will see very clear evidence of the snuffling and kissing in the second pic, the decal is now full of bubbles from all the attention it received.



    Next week we are going UpCountry to visit with Abby's Breeder Graeme. He is as excited as we are, as we have not seen him since I picked up Abby seventeen months ago. In all that time we have never seen another Corgi, so you can be sure I will be taking my camera along to record the grand reunion of Abby with her kinfolk.

  2. Jespah

    Jespah Senior Member

    Hey Kath!

    That's too funny - mmm, could there be a new playmate in Abby's future? I bet she'll have a great time with her kinfolk!
  3. Dillydoodle

    Dillydoodle Senior Member

    What a cute story! I see in that second photo what you were saying, that corgi in the window has been well loved LOL!!! I do think that Corgi's like their own kin. The first time I took Dillon back to see his breeder and his mom, two aunts, and great grandfather He was sooo excited to see them. He had not been there for 7 months and yet, it was like he remembered them all, he was playing great with them and what a joy it was to see. He seems to get more excited to see another corgi than any other breed of he says " hey! another shortie, just like me!!! " and he runs over to say hi. You must get photos of this reunion - I am sure that Abbey will have so much fun! Oh and I love the decal...where did you find that...
  4. disraeli

    disraeli Senior Member

    Ha ha...that's too cute! :D
  5. corgimom

    corgimom Senior Member

    I love that decal. I too would like to know where you got it. Abby must have thought you had a new friend for her waiting in the vehicle.:) Cute story.
  6. tandemgal

    tandemgal Senior Member

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  7. KatC

    KatC Senior Member

    I purchased the decal from the Australian site

    They are made by a UK firm J&S Products who have an online store and the website is They also have caps, Tshirts, key rings, magnets,coasters,. signs etc etc. Corgis are listed under W, and there are both Pembroke and Cardigan sections.
  8. ChloeLouise

    ChloeLouise Senior Member

    That is SUCH a cute story...and well told!! I could just picture Abby quivering with anticipation to meet her "friend"!! Anxious to hear about the upcoming family "reunion"!
  9. Lady's Daddy

    Lady's Daddy Senior Member

    Lady did the same thing to my backdrop on my computer. Which is a picture of her. It was too funny so I know exactly how you must of felt watching her be "crazy".
  10. Michael Romanos

    Michael Romanos Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    Abby will just love meeting with other Corgis. The greatest getting together is off-leash so I hope she has tons of time in free-greeting, playing and just mucking about.
  11. Fluffypants

    Fluffypants Senior Member

    What a cute story Kat (and I agree with Margo - well told!)! You must have been laughing so hard! There's never a video camera around when you need one!! It's making me want to get a decal for my car, just to see if Jackie does the same thing!

    Have fun at the reunion!!! :D

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