Anyone here treat their pets with alternative therapies?

Discussion in 'Holistic Care' started by Clara'sStarryStarryNight, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. Clara'sStarryStarryNight

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    Just curious if anyone is using holistic meds or treatments for thier corgis. I have had great success with natural meds with my animals and children and always like to hear what others have tried and foud effective etc.

    MONICA Junior Member

    I tried it for a uti, and it came back a few months later. i think my molly has a kidney stone, but here in ny you have to pay up front and it will be several hundred dollars for treatment. i hope she holds up til then. she doesn't act the least bit sick, only when she pees she acts like she has to go forever. any suggestions?
  3. herdingdogs

    herdingdogs Member

    I have. I try to balance holistic medicine with traditional medicine. It's tough sometimes finding vets that will accomodate that; luckily I've found one.

    Since my dogs compete in sports, I take them for chiropratic and acupunture every few months.

    It really depends on what I'm treating them for as to what medicine I'll use. For example, last year Zoe had kidney problems. Tested and diagnosed by a regular vet. All he suggested was a perscription canned dog food. Went to the hollistic vet who worked with me on her diet, added supplements and I now give her sub Q fluids and her numbers dropped from WAY above normal to the normal range.

    I've found that I have to do my own research and question the vets a lot more than I use to.
  4. Mvons

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    What supplements did you use for Zoe?

    I used E powder, Fish Oil, CoQ10, B complex for my Pepper and homeopathy that arrived too late to change the advanced kidney disease. I added enzymes to help digestion. But I don't know which really worked.

  5. Ellen

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    Alternative therapies

    I haven't been able to log on for a while, but I guess the problem is now resolved. Our Pem Gizmo has had lots of skin problems since we got him 2 years ago, at age 3 1/2. We spent lots of money at the vet, and we hate giving him antibiotics.
    I mentioned this to my chiropractor, and he suggested feeding him differently. We'd been feeding him Eukanuba weight control formula. Now we give him Purina One weight control, and something called Wellness. We also started giving him Norwegian sea kelp. He's been on this regimen for about 6 months, and hasn't had skin problems since. We are SO thankful.
    This past weekend my husband and I became Reiki level one practitioners, so we are going to practive on Gizmo. Has anyone tried this?
  6. Frank Schober

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    Our Corgi moving, we hope, toward recovery.

    Our wonderful Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Taffy was diagnosed with Lymphoma a couple of months ago and his first dose of chemo-therapy was a disaster for him and for us. (I now fully understand the phrase, "sick as a dog". ):D We have a new and great vet who believes in using both standard medical drugs and therapy as well as alternative, holistic treatment. We changed his diet from grains to meat protein. He is tolerating a different chemo-therapy now and we also have him on: fish oil, something called Bovine Colustrum and another mixture of herbs.

    He is doing very well. He is back to his Corgi tear-about routine, back to his normal Corgi self---in other words.
  7. ZdogZ

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    Frank ~ Sorry to hear about Taffy. I'm glad he's doing well.
  8. Clogs

    Clogs Moderator

    We used a acupuncturist to help with Rosie's back when it was bad. She certainly got a lot of relief and the healing time was greatly reduced compared with the first incident. She didn't much like the initial needling, but once they had been in for a minute or so, she relaxed, lay down and had a wee sleep.
  9. corgimom

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