Apparently Izzy likes to swim

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Madicakes, Apr 11, 2013.

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    We were at the local park for a ball tournament this past weekend. While I was packing the truck back up the girls wanted to take Izzy on a walk around the park. There is a small stream that runs through it, maybe a few inches deep. One of the girls was walking Izzy along it, just letting her sniff around, and next thing they see is Izzy leaping into the creek and "swimming" around in it! I wish I could have seen it. We had to leave, so I didn't get to go down and check it out to see if she would do it again, but I certainly will take her to it the next time we go there. Next thing to try is a bath. We haven't given her one yet, but want to try it sooner rather than later.
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  2. Michael Romanos

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    Quite important to get an acquired puppy bathed ASAP - not because they are dirty or in need of it but to establish an experience - hopefully a pleasant one. Most dogs do not like the idea of a bath but treated carefully they should all really enjoy the massaging it provides in applying dog shampoo and in the towelling and post-bath fun and play.

    Try and get your puppy not to shake when soaked in the bath and to get use to a hair dryer (set at warm air outflow only).

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    I don't necessarily advise giving a puppy you've just gotten a bath ASAP. I bathe my puppies before they go to their new homes. So they've had the "experience" and quite possibly more than once. I advise talking to your breeder and seeing what things the puppies have experienced.

    Also, so much is new, and as stated puppies and dogs really don't like baths. Even if the massage part is nice, many will only tolerate them not like them.

    IMO, playing in the water is much different than a bath. I've had dogs that did not particularly like baths, but didn't hate them and still LOVED to play in the water. Some would chase the water coming out of a hose, splash through puddles or play in the sprinkler with the kdis. Some liked swimming. Some would splash/play in the water bowls (my "Welsh Water Dog line" ;)).

  4. Spock has tried jumping in water before, and I hope he learns to really swim this summer. I remember being so shocked that Corgis can swim with those short little legs.
  5. Michael Romanos

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    I think it is important to bath a puppy early in its life but not before six-seven weeks of age and I doubt that many breeders give the puppies they are selling a bath before the exchange takes place. In any case it is the new owner and his/her dog that must get comfortable with the bathing routine. Though I do note that some owners make use of dog groomers for their dog's baths - something I think need only be contemplated if the owner is physically unable or maybe live in a confined apartment.
    While many dogs do not like baths, many others take delight in them and the essential thing is to make the baths as much as possible an enjoyable experience for both handler and dog.
    Corgis should be bathed three or four times a year and whenever they are in a condition which will require extra baths. Another reason for bathing is when they are in the middle of a major shed with baths helping to get rid of loose hairs.

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  6. Peggy

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    Actually most of the breeders I know do bathe their puppies before they go to new homes and they've probably had at least one bath before that. Most reputable breeders don't let puppies go to new homes till 10-12 weeks and often bathe the first time around 8 weeks.

    I do not thing the owners need to bathe the puppy as soon as they get home or even in the first couple of weeks. IMO, unless the puppy is dirty they can wait till the puppy settles in. The puppy has enough new things to get used to anyway.

    And yes, bathing when your dog is starting to blow coat will help to loosen the dead hair and speed up the process. I like to follow up with blow drying, an option most owners don't have. But is available at a groomers or a do it yourself "dog wash".

  7. Kevan h

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    When we got Ben, his breeder put in his chip then bathed him before we took him home,he isn't looking forward to his annual bath! He doesn't like to be bathed, yet he'll jump into puddles etc. When I took him to my parent's home for the first time, he went goofy.Ran around their yard , then discovered their fish pond,even though it was full of Lillie's,duckweed and algae he dove in and loved it,sigh!

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