Are Corgis a rarity in England?

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Michael Romanos, Dec 26, 2013.

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    On NZ national tv yesterday there was a item on Corgis in England. Not a new piece of information but tv here carried it

    It featured the Queen with several Pem Corgis and then interviewed the secretary of the English Corgi something or other with a Corgi sitting comfortably on her lap.

    It appears that there are only 301 kennel club registered Pembroke Corgis currently in England.

    The main reason given is that small dogs are increasing in popularity in England (just like they are most anywhere) and though Corgis are a small dog, other breeds or mixed breeds of small dogs are much more in demand than are Corgis.

    But from this, one must understand that:

    Not all Corgis are registered.

    That England does not include Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland nor Ireland. And certainly not mainland Europe where Corgis - mainly Pembrokes - are somewhat flourishing.

    The stark notion that Corgis were designated a pure-breed and officially separated into Pems and Cardis back in the 1930s by the (English) Kennel Club and therefore as such is the 'home' of the Corgi, is misleading.

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    There are more than 400 Corgis in the Wellington region of New Zealand and that covers no more than 30 miles in any direction.

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