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  1. grandmatimestwo

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    I am looking to adopt my first Corgi puppy for the sole purpose of having a pet (not to show). I received a picture of a possible pup up for adoption today. He looks adorable but I am concerned about some black spots on his nose/mouth. Are these normal? Will they go away?

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  2. Michael Romanos

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    Black spots (or dots) on their own are nothing to worry about but they can be a symptom of other health issues.

    Has the pup otherwise got a pink nose. Of course a Corgi should have a completely black nose and many have touch of 'fading" pink just above the nose and leading onto the nose or just below the bottom lip. Colours can change somewhat with a very young pup to that of an older pup.

    You need to get photos of the parents of the pup and his siblings and ask the breeder of any possible health issues (a pink nose can be a health issue if you live in a sunny climate where it gets hot (not a temperate climate) and if the breeder is not totally forthcoming then don't deal with her/him.
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  3. ZeldaTheCorgi

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    Black spots that develop out of nowhere can be symptoms of skin problems but not these, these are the dog equivalent of birth marks. My tricolor also has small spots but an overall black nose. most of his spots are on his stomach. There may be a problem with skin sensitivity to sun, but just apply sunscreen to your pup.

    Also, you don't mean ready to go home today do you? He looks maybe 5 weeks old in the photo which is far too young to leave his mom. Herding breeds are not recommended to leave before 10 weeks old. You should ask the breeder about health testing and ask to see the parents and the pup's pedigree.
  4. Michael Romanos

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    A breeder should never let a pup leave his/her birth home until they are at least nine weeks of age.

    If willing to dispatch under eight weeks of age - discard this breeder and don't take in the pup.

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