Blue Buffalo Large Puppy Breed Vs. Blue Buffalo Wilderness

Discussion in 'Puppy Feeding' started by jwong024, Jan 11, 2015.

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    Hi Everyone

    I'm considering Blue Buffalo as my choice of brand for feeding my soon to have puppy. My question is what I should be feeding my little one when I get her at 8 weeks of age. I've read about going with a lower protein % as puppies. With that, I wanted to know whether I should start off with the Blue Buffalo Large Puppy Breed until the little one gets old enough to switch her over to Blue Buffalo Wilderness. If so, at what age should I switch her off to the Wilderness?

    Blue Buffalo Large Puppy Breed-28% Protein Content
    Blue Buffalo Wilderness- 34% Protein Content

    Please share your opinions. Thanks!
  2. Michael Romanos

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    Well I consider a HIGH PROTEIN diet to be best for Corgis - puppies and adults - but certainly not the highest that there is. There are very few Corgis who would be adverse to a high protein diet or suffer any adverse consequences. But there are many owners who overfeed their Corgis with high protein processed dog food or any other kind of dog food and there are differences in the quality of dog food when I recommend Corgis always should be fed with premium and super premium products.

    Corgi puppies should be on a puppy stage diet until they reach around 10 months then one can switch to junior stage or adult stage.

    Corgis should always get diced or shredded (where appropriate) veggies added to their meals as supplements and wet dog food is also a supplementary benefit to dry food and much appreciated by dogs. Veggies are best fresh and raw (apart from corn which should be well cooked), next best is fresh and lightly steamed or boiled.

    Corgis are small dogs but have medium size dog strength in their jaws and so should get small or medium size biscuit/kibble rather than the large sizes.

    Congrats to you for the impending arrival of your Corgi. It would be beneficial to you and your Corgi if he/she stayed another week or two at his/her birth home. Nine weeks of age before being dispatched to a new owner as the minimum is the recommendation around the world including I note the USA national Pembroke Corgi organisation.

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  3. luvcorgis

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    If you check some of the older posts on feeding,and there are many, you'll find that large breed puppy is suggested for Corgis. If I can remember it seems to have something to do with the growth plates. We started both Lucy and Otto on Blue Buffalo puppy. I don't remember when we switched to the Blue Buffalo life protection formula.
  4. Michael Romanos

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    I might agree with medium size kibble or biscuit for Corgis but cannot find any use or need for a large size piece of food for Corgis. At the extreme end I would give a St Bernard large size kibble or biscuit and larger diced veggie pieces but cannot see that a small Corgi with a jaw strength befitting a slightly larger dog, requiring St Bernard-size biscuit or kibble because of a "growth plate" or the necessity to present a Corgi pup with slightly different food content scenarios. Some international Corgi breeders and international Corgi judges with world class knowledge such as NZ"s Bridget Smeeton (Cardigans) and Lesley Chalmers (Pembrokes) would have told me if Corgi pups needed a large-size dog processed food menu as opposed to processed dog food for small/medium size dogs. But they haven't. And I have still got their respective listings for feeding puppies that they have bred.

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