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Discussion in 'Holistic Care' started by Kevan h, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. Kevan h

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    Hello my fellow corgi people, just wondering if anyone has heard of or used "calming collars". Got home from work today and my wife suggested we try them for our somewhat anxious beagle ( separation anxiety), and my occasionally " hyper" Benson.they are apparently filled with calming herbs etc. a natural aromatherapy if you will. Kinda wondering if this is just another gimmick or if it actually helps, of course their website exudes the positive value of the product,but I prefer to hear testimonials from reliable sources , like yourselves, so any input would be appreciated, thoughts? Thanks!
  2. Dillydoodle

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    I have no experience with them but I know a few people who used the bach flower essences and some other herbs to help calm their dogs with success. I don't know what herbs are in this calming collars and googled it to see if they listed what herbs but couldn't find it quickly. I think it is worth a try. Hopefully it will help your beagle feel calmer and more relaxed. One of the people using the bach flower was a lady I met in our training class with a vizsla with separation anxiety and she said that her dog went from about a 9 down to about a 3 with the herbs...though I think she was giving it to her as oral drops vs. herbal scents that help soothe and relax the dog.

  3. Michael Romanos

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    A few days age we had a two hour long strike of heavy thunder, heavy rain and spectacular lightning and at the onset I sprinkled a few drops of K9 Anxiety onto Taylor's chest - and it worked marvellously well. He was almost completely calm, certainly within acceptable boundaries. He shook very little to not at all, only clamoured around our feet a few times (but did stay close) and only once jumped up on one of the couches.

    A few months ago we had hurricane winds and with a few drops of k9 Anxiety, Taylor was as cool as Obama.

    K9 Anxiety is a herbal concoction so yes it can work very well. I have publicised K9 Anxiety in my Dog Talk column. It is available on-line for overseas purchase and does not cost the earth.

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  4. Kevan h

    Kevan h Senior Member

    Would this product work for separation anxiety?
  5. Michael Romanos

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    K9 Anxiety is essentially a separation anxiety product - but I have used it a few times with very good results for Taylor's fears of fierce winds, thunder, lightning and fireworks. Nothing previous had worked.

    It's price per 15 ml bottle is NZ$17. Go to K9 Essentials. Expect the best! : and click onto aramatheraphy.

    If you contact the site with a question or whatever, tell them that Michael Romanos has recommended the product - it might get me to tryout a product that I can relay the results of to the public at large.

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  6. Kevan h

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    Wow Michael , just checked out that site. You guys pay a LOT for acana food there(based on today's exchange rate) sorry about that. Good food though, if only you'd sell us that great new Zealand lamb a little cheaper,lol.

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