Can corgi's have home cooked meal everyday?

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by Michtink02, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Peggy

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    Remember they're treats, not lunch. You don't need to give a lot at one time. The Natural Balance ones are shaped like little bones and I have broken them in half.

    The dog food rolls, I cut into slices and break of tiny pieces. You could do that or you could cut them the slice into smaller pieces.

    Charlee bears are in a bit bigger package. Chicken and turkey can be cut up into small pieces too. There really are lots of options.

    And a reminder that dogs aren't cheap. I'm not sure that baking them vs. buying them will really save you much in the long run.

  2. Michtink02

    Michtink02 Senior Member

    Yeah when I looked into getting a dog I figured the numbers were great haha but thank you peggy I will look into it if my girl deserves it i'll have to buy her some just because she will be spoiled. sometimes not all times. lol
  3. LaRogue

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    I bake most of Pip's treats due to his food allergies and for the freedom to substitute and use exactly which ingredients I want. After the initial "set up" cost, making them does seem less expensive than buying, for me. However, he is allergic to wheat, chicken, chicken fat, and beef so most of the treats he can tolerate are the tippy top end of the price range. I use the Bubba Rose organic dog biscuit cookbook Bubba Rose Biscuit Company : The Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook [BR-BOOK] - $14.95

    Like others have mentioned there is now a HUGE variety of healthy, good (and for him-allergen free) commercial treats and I do buy treats, too.
  4. Michtink02

    Michtink02 Senior Member

    Yeah I'd rather bake em just because i know what's goin in it. And I would buy em but i'd rather save that money on the good food cuz i'm going to be using Blue Buffalo and Wilderness and maybe Holistic so those are pretty darn expensive.

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