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  1. kobikazwell

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    We had a wonderful corgi that we called Kobi. He was a joy. He loved to play ball. He was so special. He contracted Epilepsy when he was 2 years old. We had him until Jan 9, 2007. He had liver disese from the drugs. We had to have him put to sleep. It broke our hearts. We now have Kaci and Kale. Kaci is an 8 month old female corgi and Kale is a 8 week old male corgi. Today I took Kale to the vet and he has pneunmonia. I left him there so that she could give him antibiotics and fluids.
    I guess I just wanted to share how much I love these dogs. Corgis are the best dogs there are. :D
  2. Mvons

    Mvons Senior Member

    How heart breaking to have to leave your little one at the vet! I do hope he recovers, poor boy. I never heard dogs can get that, wow.

    I hope Kaci stays well.

  3. Dillydoodle

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    Welcome to Gocorgi. Sorry to hear of your loss of Kobi... I do understand the heartbreak of the loss of a furbaby. I am glad that you have some comfort with kaci and Kale. I am sure that Kale is in good hands at the vets and i wish him a speedy recovery. We look forward to hearing all about your corgis and seeing photos too!
  4. tandemgal

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    Glad you found GoCorgi

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  5. Jespah

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    I am very sorry to hear of your loss of Kobi. I lost my girl Riley to cancer this past summer at 5 years of age, so I know how you must feel.

    I'm glad that you have 2 new little ones in your life - I have two as well and love having a pair! We hope to see photos of them soon - I hope that Kale will get better very soon.
  6. Michael Romanos

    Michael Romanos Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    You are due to have good luck and when Kale recovers his health, I'm sure everything will be rosy. Was it the cold damp weather that caused Kale's illness. Young pups need to be kept warm and dry.
  7. Chip's Mom

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    Welcome to the Board - So sorry to hear that Kale is sick. Keep us posted. I am not sure where you are located - but the weather here fluctuates from warm 60's down to the teens and that doesn't make good weather to try and potty train our little corgi boys. I am also sorry to hear of your loss. I lost my Digger who was almost 15 years old one year ago today and it is still very hard for me but it does get better so hang in there.
  8. behinderhereyes

    behinderhereyes Senior Member

    I couldn't even imagine, I hope you baby boy gets well soon. Sorry to hear about Kobi. Kind of off subject, but I had pneunmonia. This is some thing I hope to never ever have again. It totally wipes you out and you have little to no energy. Hope you puppy feels well soon.
  9. milles2

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    Poor Kale, he must have been feeling pretty miserable. But he's in good hands. Looking forward to picture and watching them grow!


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