China Corgis coming to NZ

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    A new member has joined the Wellington Welsh Corgi Walking Club.

    He is "Jack" from Mainland China. Soon he will be bringing his two Pembroke Corgis to join him. They are both bred in Beijing. But first they have to apparently spend six months in Hong Kong in quarantine before being air freighted to NZ.

    What a transition - six months holed up in HK. The effort to get his Corgis to his new home in the Wellington region will cost him at least $20,000 and a long delay. But Jack is a very keen Corgi owner and in the meanwhile he will be joining the club on its social monthly get-togethers.

    I look forward to meeting with Jack next weekend.

    There are quite a few Corgis in HK but not nearly as many in Mainland China.
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