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  1. Elena71

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  2. corgimom

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    Hello Elena and Welcome

    My name is Linda and my dog Cody is 11 months old. You have some great pictures in your gallery. I see that Magali was herding some sheep and I love the Green wig on Ribaldo:) I love the Bernese mountain dogs, quite lovely.
  3. Chip's Mom

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    Hello and welcome

    Your dogs are beautiful.
  4. Michael Romanos

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    Elena - our very first Italian member, welcome to the world wide Go Corgi website.

    Your four dogs in the photo, including three Corgis, are lovely and how happy and healthy they all look. - in really lovely condition. Plenty of pasta in their food bowls?????

    I would love to know about Corgis in Italy. Are there any Corgi clubs or organisations. Is there a group of Corgi owners

    Of course Bernese Mountain Dogs get along with every other breed of dogs - they are just gentle giants. You musy live on a large property to be able to cope with so many four legged members of your family.

    Ribaldi, Magali and Emy (what great names) are four years apart in descending order. Good gaps in ages - was that planned by you?

    I hope you can find an interpreter who is able to respond on your behalf to all the replies you get from your posting on this website.
  5. tandemgal

    tandemgal Senior Member

    Hello Elena,

    deleted by T-Gal
  6. Hayashi_eri

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    Hello Elena!! Welcome! I am Eri with my 2 yrs old pembroke gal. We stay in Singapore :D
  7. fido

    fido Senior Member

    Buon Giorno, Elena! Como stai? Cuattro cani sono bella! Molto bene! La famiglia di mio marito sono italiano-americano. Io e contenta ti e membro della nostra squadra. (My italian is very, very limited-but it's fun to try)
  8. Hayashi_eri

    Hayashi_eri Senior Member

    wow I am lost Without translation:p so cool, I only learned how to say how are you in Italian from my ex-colleague haha Como stai? (means how are u...rite??):p bella is pretty or beautiful? famiglia is family? can sort of guess fidos reply...haha
  9. Michael Romanos

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    Fido - you'll have to translate for us poor one-language members.
  10. Jespah

    Jespah Senior Member

    Ciao Elena!

    Your dogs are molto-bello!!! Benvenuto to GoCorgi, it's meraviglioso that we have an Italiano member! I am from Canada and have due Corgis, Rupert and Jemma! Hope you can find someone to aiutare tradurre our inglese!
  11. Chip's Mom

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    Your website is great. Do the corgis ride in the cart?
  12. lricch565

    lricch565 Senior Member

    Welcome Elena and family!

    Your dogs sure are beautiful, they all look like they are smiling for the camera.

    I am new to the ownership of Corgis, I have one little Pem girl who is just 10 months - I call her Mazie. Although I have owned other breeds, I have completely fallen in love with the Corgi, they are so smart!

    Enjoy the site!
  13. Cardiguy

    Cardiguy Senior Member

    Pictures transcend language barriers and you have 4 beautiful dogs!
  14. sweetlychee

    sweetlychee Senior Member

    Bienvenuto Elena!

    I learned Spanish before and it's close to Italian but not quite. Your corgis are very bellisimo! I love your three corgis and a gentle giant in between. They are definitely 4 years apart each. How old is your bernese? You have a wonderful family!

    I have a 9 month old corgi named Milo. That's an Italian name! =) Well, at least I think so.

  15. Ciao, e benvenuto! Mi chiamo Erica. I Suoi cani sono bellissimi! Il nome del mio cane è Penny, cioe Penelope. Lei ha sei mesi.

    P.S. Mia madre ha aiutato colla tradurre questo messagion da Inglese a Italian.
  16. Fluffypants

    Fluffypants Senior Member

    Welcome Elena! Your corgis and Berners are beautiful!!! :D
  17. Elena71

    Elena71 Junior Member

    Ho capito bene!? puoi aiutarmi a tradurre il vostro inglese?!:D :D :D
    Help me!!!!!!!!!:eek: :eek:
    Ciao Elena
  18. Jespah

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  19. radioflyer02

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    Fido says-

    Good day, Elena! How are you? Your dogs are beautiful! Very nice! My husbands family is Italian-American. I am glad you are a member of our square?

    I believe I was able to translate that right. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  20. Elena71

    Elena71 Junior Member

    Thank you for the warm welcome!
    The club of welsh corgi is not of Italy... we have about 30/40 pembroke puppy enrolled annually :( :( ...cardigan about 0/5 puppy :(
    The welsh corgi fanciers of Italy is group lover owners and breeders of two races corgis (pembroke and cardigan)
    I'm very nice be on to this forum!:) ... in the website have we too the forum:p

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