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Discussion in 'The Breed Standard' started by Jespah, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. Jespah

    Jespah Senior Member

    Here's one for you. I've checked all the different breed standard pages on the American, Canadian and British National Club sites and I'm not sure exactly how Jemma would be classified, as to colour.

    She is 99.5% (just a guess really) red and white and what is classified as a fawn red and white. However, she has a small area on her withers where she has black hairs and her facial mask is red tipped black hairs. Now, technically, that makes her a tri-colour. Her breeder told me that when she sees those marking in a pup, then often the next breeding of the same parents will produce a tri-colour. Her parents are both red and whites.

    So whatcha think??
  2. Dillydoodle

    Dillydoodle Senior Member

    Deleted my post
  3. Chip's Mom

    Chip's Mom Global Moderator Staff Member Moderator


    Dale is fawn with a lot of black on his back and black around both eyes also has white but I noticed with the last set of pics I got of him, his face is starting to turn red so we will see. I love the black around his eyes so glad to hear that Jemma has kept her's. Dale's Dad is a tri and mom is a red and white. Chip looks almost identical to her.
  4. milles2

    milles2 Senior Member

    Tucker is still keeping his black face. His breeder told me he would probably grow out of his black face, it would turn red. I see redish undertones but so far, still black!
  5. Jespah

    Jespah Senior Member

    It's quite interesting how they change. Maybe Jem will change in the next year too.
  6. glencorgi

    glencorgi Senior Member

    Deb, how old is Jemma again? And can you get a head shot showing her coloring? Both her parents carry tri which is why they can also produce tris.

    Fawn is just a very light red and white. Emilie's Dillon would be what is consider fawn.

    Bonnie, Dale is still in baby puppy coat. He may not be as dark as Chip, but I doubt if he'll be as light as Emilie's Dillon either.

    Susan, Tucker is an adult right? He's a black headed tri and is probably going to stay how he is.

    Undercoats may be a lot of what some of you are seeing and they do come in red, black as well as white.

  7. Chip's Mom

    Chip's Mom Global Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    It is so interesting how they change colors. Thanks Deb
  8. tandemgal

    tandemgal Senior Member

    Emma is fawn & white (I like to say she's a blond just to irritate hubby :rolleyes: )

    Chloe is of course a black head tri - over the year her tan marks have come in on her legs and am now seeing tan tips on her sides where the black & white meet... her undercoat is grey - just like mine :p
  9. Dillydoodle

    Dillydoodle Senior Member

    Deleted my post
  10. Jespah

    Jespah Senior Member

    Jemma looks a little darker from the top, but her sides are almost blonde. Her breeder is known for her lighter dogs.

    Here are the photos - thanks Debbie, as always, I appreciate your expertise.

    Oops, forgot to say that Jemma will be one year old next week.

  11. ZdogZ

    ZdogZ Senior Member

    Do any of your dogs have a "wavy strip" down their back? Zia does and so does her dad. She didn't get this until she lost her puppy fur.
  12. Jespah

    Jespah Senior Member

    My other female Corgi Riley had that distinctive strip Kristi, she got it as she started to lose her puppy coat and I thought she would be wavy all over but it turned out to be just that strip.
    Rupe's coat's a little wavier down his back, but Jem's is straight as can be.
  13. ChloeLouise

    ChloeLouise Senior Member

    ChloeLouise is 20 months now and is definitely a red and white - BUT the fur on her back up near her shoulders, when you part it and can see the length of it, is VERY dark below the red ends...dark ROOTS:eek: She has not changed color since she was 6 months old (when she was quite dark down her entire back) but those dark roots remain no matter how much she sheds! As far as a "wavy" coat goes, being a Fluffy her fur goes every which way - but there is considerably more "waviness" just above her tail "stub"...
  14. Jeni D

    Jeni D Senior Member

    Dudley has a wavy strip that goes down the back of his back too. No matter how much I brush, it just won't go away ;) He also has wild hairs right above his tail too. Those stick up in every direction, especially after bath time!
  15. glencorgi

    glencorgi Senior Member


    Do you know what color tris Jemma's parents produce? This is interesting. ;)

  16. Jespah

    Jespah Senior Member

    No, Debbie, I don't - I'll pop an email off to her breeder and ask though.
  17. Jane Austen

    Jane Austen Senior Member

    Duchess is a red headed tri. I always look at the pics of other dogs on here to see if she is more like one or the other in her markings. Her coloration is not bold but is definitely pleasant the way her eyes are lined with black and that continues from the outer edge of her eye to the black on her forehead. I have not seen another corgi that has exactly the same pattern.
  18. Jespah

    Jespah Senior Member

    Do you have a photo of her face you could post Jane Austen?
  19. Dillydoodle

    Dillydoodle Senior Member

    Deleted my post
  20. Jane Austen

    Jane Austen Senior Member

    I have pictures from last year but not very good for detail on Duchess's face.
    People have remarked about her eyeliner and black brows. Can't wait to show her off. I should find my SLR one of these days.

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