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    Hi, I am curious how often you give your dogs a bath? Also, since Rosie is only about 8 weeks old now, when do you first give them a bath? What kind of shampoo, person kind or special for dogs?

    Also, about those long little ya'all trim them yourself, or let a groomer do it? Also, I read about clippers (regular people nail clippers??) or the dremel kind of thing??? Which is easier on a wiggley doggie?

    Lastly, my vet gave me one dose of Heartgard Plus and said to go ahead and give it to her, but I am hesitant right now because I don't know what kind of poopies it might create--are they especially runny or anything. She usually has pretty compact poop, what should I expect?

    Thanks, have a cozy Sunday, Jane and John
  2. glencorgi

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    Roughly, once a quarter for the ones that are engaged in other activities - such as showing or doing therapy visits as a couple of examples. Rule of thumb, as needed. You can use baby wipes right now to clean her up a bit. Dog shampoo is best, as human shampoo is not pH balanced for dogs. Be sure too that you get all the shampoo out as residue can cause itching.

    I do all of my dogs including the rescue fosters here. The puppies I have here now, well their nails have been being down since they were a couple of weeks old. For the 6 week old litter as well as my 9 week old puppy boy, I'm using human finger nail clippers, as the nails get a litttle bigger I move up to toe nail clippers. For adults I use both the dremel and regular dog nail clippers; I also use the dremel on the baby puppies, just touching them with it to get them used to the noise and vibration. Most of my corgis tend to do a little better with the dremel. Start with her now and while she may never "like" having her nails done, she will learn to tolerate it better and make life much easier for you (or whomever you have do them). You will also need to trim the hair between her pads on the bottom of her feet. That helps her get better footing as well as not track in as much dirt.

    A Heartgard should not effect her stool quality. IF she has compact stools now they should stay the same. Go ahead and give it to her and get her heartworm preventative going, you don't want to hear about heartworm positive dogs.

  3. Chip's Mom

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    I have given my new puppies a bath when they were 8 weeks old if they need it. Chip fell into a pond shortly after we got him ( a little pond) and the vet prescribed special shampoo and a bath. I dried him off and used the blow dryer on him on low and he wasn't the worst for wear. Also Dale got a bath shortly after we got him and I used the same procedure and he was find. I didn't know that you could start a puppy off on heartworm medication when they were that young. My vet always waits until they are four months old. That is interesting.
  4. Michael Romanos

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    A Corgi who is regularly groomed and with all things being equal (not a farm dog etc) does not need a bath much more than once every three months. But if you want less shedding of hair to worry about, a bath every three or four weeks is quite ok - providing you use a really good quality dog shampoo. People who have their dogs in conformation shows, usually bath their dogs two or three days before each show - and sometimes the shows are only a week or two apart.

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