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Discussion in 'General Puppy Discussions' started by Saki Aksaura, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. Saki Aksaura

    Saki Aksaura Junior Member

    I know there already many thread about puppy take care, but somehow I feel reading all that not enough for me
    I'm getting a puppy this month, she 8 weeks old
    I have dog when I was child, but I still little kid when my dog die, so I didn't remember how my father rise my dog, so I have zero dog care experience
    I want to ask :
    - what is to give the puppy, df dry/can/raw? And how much should I give daily? Any brand suggestions?
    (My local store have : regal, tase of the wild, nutrisource, orijen, acana)
    if raw food what meat should i buy? Grinded cow meat/salmon/chicken? Can it mix with other like vegie / mix meat, or just pure meat?
    and snacks to, how much and what snack can I give?
    i'm thinking about buy dog cookie/apple/banana/baby carrot
    - did I need supplements? What supplement?
    - should I go to vet when I just got the puppy?
    I think I will be go to vet the next day, and make monthly scadule to vet
    - what vaccines should I give and when?
    - any tools or accessories I should buy?
    I already make buy list for harnes, shampoo, tooth paste and brush, dog nail clippers, crate, x-pen, chew toy
    if there any brand or type suggestions please don't hesitate XD

    If there any thing I miss or there any suggestions, please tell me will so much helpful :)
  2. Michael Romanos

    Michael Romanos Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    Which country do you live in?

    You cannot do better than present your puppy with Orijen or Acana as the main portion of the meals. But you should soften any dry kibble food a little by soaking in a little luke-warm water and waiting 5-10 minutes before feeding to your puppy. As well, always supplement the processed dry food with a little wet food (canned dog food or dog roll) and especially appropriate vegetables - fresh and raw is best apart from corn which should be over-boiled. The vegetable range is large with the very best being peeled and shredded pumpkin, carrot, spinach and kale. As for fruit the very best and most beneficial is blueberry.

    Divide daily meals into three-five per 24 hours. The total food per day for a standard size Corgi taking into account he/she is getting Orijen. is around 1.5 cups (250 ml standard cup) total food plus one or two canine biscuits (these should be health-enhancing biscuits). Best avoid so-called 'treats' and 'table scraps' but for rewarding during training, one or two pieces of dry kibble food at a time.

    Dogs are omnivores not carnivores and so they best eat as much vegetable as straight protein (meat).

    Puppies need to complete their initial vaccination programme, so indeed she needs to visit a vet ASAP and you need to be aware of exactly her vet etc visits and treatment up to the time that she is handed over to you. You vet should know her needs in relations to what she has already been administered and what are current risks in the area you live in. From this point she needs annual vet visits as 1/ vaccination programme, and 2/ general check-up.

    Don't be concerned with a 'harness; - a suitable collar and leash will be more than ample or what i use - which is a light-weight slip chain and lease. Good quality canine shampoo is a must - a Corgi under usual circumstances only needs 2-4 shampoo baths a year. A good steel comb is even more important than a brush for grooming - brush and comb at least two-three times a week. Also brush your Corgi's teeth with canine toothpaste two-three times a week. Lay off trimming her nails and see what happens when she gets to walk and run often onto pavements or roads or concrete surfaces (yard etc) because this will often naturally wear down her toe nails if her tread is normal. She definitely will need several dog safe items for chewing

    The next mist important things from food that she needs is a excellent toileting programme and owner/s who never leave her alone as a puppy for more than a couple of hours without organising other human care. The other things are daily training, lots of play and love and patience and never shout or smack/hit/kick a puppy/adult dog.

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  3. Saki Asakura

    Saki Asakura Junior Member

    I live in Indonesia, surabaya city

    I already bought Tase of the wild - bison for df since the kennel told me she eat that
    gonna add diced raw meat, my friend that have dog suggest it, but she have big dogs
    havent buy toy, shampoo (maybe going to buy crown royal), crate (octagon 90 x 61 x 72 cm), x-pen, for harnes maybe notgoing to buy yet, I will buy light colar and leash first
    I kind of confuse when choosing which toy to buy at petshop, since I ask the staff they don't know much about corgi
    maybe if have pic example for toy that I have to buy?

    Thank you very much for all the answers, I will take note
    she will be home at 13th Dec
  4. Louwants

    Louwants Senior Member

    After you puppy has all it's shots, find a puppy obedience class. It will help you the basic training, help socialize your puppy and help with the bonding.

    Snacks such as carrots, green beans and apples are good. Keeping pumpkin puree on hand, it's great for diarrhea and constipation. For training, use little pieces of special treats, like a hot dog cut into little pieces. That should make training go faster. Or even use Cheerio cereal. Those little circles are perfect for training. They don't get a lot of junk and dogs think they are great.

    Also here is a great website for dog emergencies and dangerous food for dogs:
    Dog Emergencies | Dog Poisoning | Chocolate Poisoning | Vomiting in Dogs | Pet Hospitals | petMD
  5. Michael Romanos

    Michael Romanos Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    If you have already purchased`a supply of commercial food, why did you ask for advice in the way that you did? However, you can always shift over to another product once the current supply is running out so long as you feed your dog the new food on a gradual basis spread over several days.

    Never feed a dog with raw meat. Dogs can suffer the consequences of raw meat almost as much as humans and in some cases equally as risky. The best idea is to use canned dog food or dog roll as a supplement or as main meal and many of these products are labelled as surpassing AAFCO-standards.

    Don't buy any toys made in China. Chew toys are a must for puppies - hard wearing and maybe ropey. The other toys can be inter-active and ones that exercise the minds of intelligent Corgis such as toys which can make a dozen sounds at random, talk at random and move or wriggle at random.

    I have arranged Corgi puppies from New Zealand to go to Singapore and Hong Kong but as yet not to Indonesia or Malaysia. Tell us a little about Corgis in Indonesia.

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  6. Saki Asakura

    Saki Asakura Junior Member

    I havent buy food supplies nor any other items when I start the thread, so I'm sorry for what I have done
    but since I read about the df change in some articles that it need to be mix with old df, I though of buying the same as from kennel first, than chance to any better suggestions

    More bigger corgi community was at Jakarta, and the trusted kennel was there, there Lowriders and Zephyr
    at my town not much but big enough community almost 20 corgi

    I will note it, I'm going to some petshop today, hope I find great toy
    I didn't find any good toy last time I go to 3 petstores, it's either to soft or some items that I think is china made :(
  7. Michael Romanos

    Michael Romanos Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    You are doing well and it is great that you are so concerned. A puppy is just like a human baby in many ways or treated like one and the essential healthy adult Corgi and senior dog stems from the way they are raised and fed as puppies (babies through to teenagers). Don't feed processed dog food to your Corgi whilst he is a puppy (to age 10 months) that is not designated puppy stage food. All stages won't do.

    If the breeder is "trusted" and also displays his/her Corgis at dog shows and owns top rated Corgis. then that breeder should be able and willing to give any advice that you ask. Apart from normal obligations and wanting the best for the litters that they produce, this is part of the purchase fees that you pay so don't be shy about seeking advice and asking a whole range of questions. Though I must say that many breeders do not treat their Corgis as part of the family or as house pets.

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  8. Saki Asakura

    Saki Asakura Junior Member

    The kennel breeder are trusted, she from Lowriders kennel, and they do enter dog show to keep their dog standard
    I ask breeder to give me some note as for the puppy schedule, and and brand he use for my puppy, like food, shampoo, supplement and anti worm (I forget the correct english for it, I will buy drontal)
    I asking lots of questions to the breeder also, and I sill try to read every article or watch video that I can, and ask my friends who have dog also
    thats why I kinda want to cross check for df first, as my friend suggest raw meat, and I don't really agree for the meat quality in my market, since every market is not that clean, and modern market is to much ice, thats why I try to ask the choice of df
    and thanks to warn me, I will use dry and add canned df then
    oh and I find some package wet dog food with sauce, is that ok to? I don't know if it's cooked meat or not, haven't read the description at store since I see that when it's time to go home
  9. wuzzup

    wuzzup Senior Member

    It sounds like you want to prepare for your new puppy as thoroughly as you can. Great! This book seems to be well received and should provide good basic knowledge about raising puppies: KISS Guide to Raising a Puppy (Keep it Simple Guides) by Liz Palika

    I've had close to fifty years experience with Pembrokes; it's the only breed I've ever owned. Here's my "basics".

    1. Don't over feed. Corgi's are voracious eaters and it's a breed that easily becomes overweight. Don't go there! Your dog will die a slow and painful death by overfeeding. K9 Station Dog Training & AuxArcs Australian Shepherds
    2. Although these dogs are not long distance runners, never forget that they are "working" dogs. They were bred to herd sheep all day and all night. So, if you can't exercise your dog, everyday, why bother? I have two pems. We do a vigorous 2.5 mile walk, off leash, before the sun rises and we do a shorter walk after dinner (1-2 miles). These dogs will do fine with far less exercise, but I use them for my benefit and good health (I'm 59). The point is this. These dogs are not Pomeranians or Chihuahuas. They are were not bred to sleep all day and blend with your bed pillows. They work! If you're an owner that doesn't enjoy working, too, find another breed. Please. But, if you believe that exercise is absolutely essential for a happy, healthy and sexy life, you will not find a better companion.
    3. Finally, be consistent. Don't concern yourself too much about "how". Think more about "when". In nature, every animal operates best on a schedule, a "routine". Humans who break down and have health issues never operate off a schedule. They do nothing on a regular, predictable basis. Dogs suffer from inconsistency. Dogs get anxious and frightened from unpredictability. Dogs get aggressive when they are not allowed to repeat. Dogs are not humans. Because of inconsistency, we like to spend hundreds of dollars in vet bills every year. The more you stick to a schedule...for feedings, for exercise and for quiet time...the less you have to pay. It's all basic common sense.

    Nobody in America really reads "How to" books on babies or puppies. We just feel better about ourselves when we spend money, is all.
  10. Saki Asakura

    Saki Asakura Junior Member

    Yup I tried my best to prepare everything that I can for my puppy, even though I have zero experience in raising a puppy, I will try my best to learn and do it
    I read some article about corgi is food oriented and get overweight easily if no proper diet and exercise
    but since she gonna living with my boyfriend, well he kinda overweight to so he is on diet now, they both can walk around the complex every day for exercise. They gonna be cute walking couple hahaha
    Puppy will stay at my house when older and potty trained at friday to sunday, and back to my boyfriend monday to thursday. I working at my boyfriend place, so it still will be me who taking care most of time
    I will try to find the book when go to bookstore, even though I don't really think it anvailabe here, and I don't use credit card nor have experiance to buy online imported book
    maybe I can try to find article that have the book as their preferences or buy some puppy and dog book that my local book store can recommend
  11. Michael Romanos

    Michael Romanos Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    Canned dog food is always 'cooked' unless it specifically states contains raw food. If you stick to canned and dry and roll processed dog food that meets or surpasses AAFCO-standards (as expressed on the packaging) then that is at least a level that you should never drop.

    Routines and consistency are great in almost all instances as Wuzz points out - however dogs also like a break in routine especially when it comes to outings, meetings and play. These create excitement away from the humdrum of routine.

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  12. Saki Asakura

    Saki Asakura Junior Member

    I'm so exited to counting the days my puppy will be home
    I ask the breeder to mix canned and dog roll, he say I can do it sometime but not as main food
    May be after I make puppy used to her food, I will try topping it with canned or dog roll, if no there no problem I will mix half portion with canned or dog roll
    havent find good pet toy, I will try to go to ace hardware, some my friends recommend me to check there to
    I try to ordering some toy from domestic online pet shop, if the toy quality great I will try to buy some more. They have kong and doggyman, I order Kong classic KONG Toys » KONG for Dogs » KONG Classic » KONG Classic • ANIMAL-PET BALI : Salon & Penitipan Anjing Kucing : Dog Food,Cat Food,Kong Toys,Obat Hewan,Kandang Hewan,Tali Rantai Kalung Leher
  13. Michael Romanos

    Michael Romanos Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    No, don't mix half portions. Use canned dog food or dog roll as SUPPLEMENTS ie no more than 20% of meals. The BEST supplements are VEGETABLES as per my first post in this thread. Don't forget to soften the kibble a little for a puppy as also mentioned in my first post here.

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  14. Saki Asakura

    Saki Asakura Junior Member

    Ok noted, thanks
    Since I don't want to upset her stomach, can I give the canned/dogroll food as topping? No I won't mix half portion, topping supplement only
    thanks I almost make great mistake, I should be more carefull when choosing article to read next time
  15. Michael Romanos

    Michael Romanos Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    "Topping" or mixing - it will make the meals more tasty as canned food or dog roll usually have far greater and more inspirational taste and flavour than does dry kibble.
    The aspect of supplementing AAFCO-'approved' dry or canned or roll food is not to upset the balance and so whatever one you choose as the main part of the meal, the other becomes the supplement. Whatever, always add veggies as previously alluded to.

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  16. Saki Asakura

    Saki Asakura Junior Member

    Is banana good?
    I'm thinking to use banana or apple as snacks
    Other than snacks, can I add stew vegetables to kibble or seperate meal? Of course I will dog save cook, just stew it without adding ....... err I forget the proper english, but wont add S&P or onion, just pure vegie stew with little bit oil or water
  17. Louwants

    Louwants Senior Member

    I gave a website above that lists foods that are poison to dogs. Onions in one of them, and so are grapes. Be sure to check it out before you give your dog any people food.
  18. Michael Romanos

    Michael Romanos Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    Bananas (especially) and apples are not particularly beneficial for dogs nor sought by dogs but if presented to dogs as a treat or an addition to their meals, then they should always be given raw with apples minus their pips ( which are toxic to dogs) and bananas peeled. I suppose some dogs will give an impression that they like apples and maybe bananas. Fresh berries are a better fruit for dogs with blueberries the best fruit of all for dogs (and humans).

    Vegetables that are appropriate for dogs are best by far given raw and clean and added(mixed) into their meals. The next best is lightly steamed or lightly boiled. The next best after these are frozen from fresh and allowed to defrost at room temperatures. Not salted or flavoured up with anything else and not stewed.

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  19. Saki Asakura

    Saki Asakura Junior Member

    Hi just home yesterday
    her name yuna
  20. Michael Romanos

    Michael Romanos Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    Congrats. You must be very excited. The first photo was a disaster with the light but you have made it up with a much better second effort. Your Corgi looks delightful and is never going to get darker than she is now and in fact she will lose the black bits and lighten up on the red.

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