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    Hi, we have a 51/2 month old male corgi who has serious resource guarding. We have had him since he was 8 weeks old. The other 95% of the time he is wonderful. When we brought him home he was growly when we picked him up. That part is better. He recently bit my 12 year old in the hand and drew blood when my son went to Pet him outside. My son didn't know there was an empty pop can that blew off the table that was behind the dog and he was guarding. Is this a corgi thing? Will he outgrow?
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    What does 51/2 mean in months?
    I take it your Corgi is a Pembroke. It is not a Corgi trait to guard. Corgi's were bred to herd and many will herd by nature animals including humans.
    Pembroke Corgis are one of the top 10 dog breeds (among 338 breeds) best suited for families (including young children). I would have taken your Corgi back to the breeder as soon as he showed adverse behaviour more than twice.. Corgis should not be released from their birth home until at least nine weeks of age.
    Bad behaviour such as this is difficult to eliminate. I would consult a dog behaviour and trainer specialist.
    Is your Corgi completely socialised with other dogs and other animals?
    My current 2 year old Pem Corgi, Fletcher Evans is terrified of certain sounds in our house such as when we turn on a wall gas heater that produces false flames or crank out or in the awning over our deck, or unfurl the ironing board or turn on the vacuum cleaner and this fear will never cease.

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