Corgi Xmas party

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Michael Romanos, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. Michael Romanos

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    This coming Sunday is the Wellington Corgi club's annual Christmas social.

    We are having a shared barbecue and Xmas desserts at a delightful garden-like park called Belmont Domain which has free public barbecues. The barbecue is preceded by a Corgi walk alongside the Hutt River and this and the park are all leash-free for the Corgis.
    Each Corgi owner is bringing along a wrapped present per Corgi owned and the Corgis themselves will choose the gift that they scent most - apart from the final present left for the last Corgi - he/she will have no choice.
    I also have a sample bag of premium dog food to give to each of the owners which can be used as treats and/or training aides for their Corgis and honorary Corgis ( a Rottweiler, a Griffon and a medium size mixed breed).
    With good weather expected, this should be a fun event and a good lead-up to the Wellington Christmas street parade on the following Sunday where the Corgi entry is one of the more featured items among 86 floats etc.

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  2. wuzzup

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    In my next life, I wish to be a Wellington corgi. :run:
  3. Louwants

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    Can't wait to see the pictures
  4. Michael Romanos

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    One Corgi I would have loved to see at the barbecue is a little but lovely 9 year old female Cardigan blue merle who was re-homed (from being abandoned) to one of our Corgi club members only today. This now makes three Cardis that the member has. Unfortunately she is taking all three Cardis this weekend for a trip to her brother's house a few hundred kilometres away. Her brother is very unwell.

    I had alerted a whole host of people to the Cardi's plight and have today offered the new owners a large bag of of food of their choice or a proper full check-up of the Corgi at a vet of their choice plus a tube of canine toothpaste. Am awaiting the choice result. I would take the vet check-up and toothpaste.

    Wuzz - there are some good factors for Corgis in this part of the world.

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  5. Michael Romanos

    Michael Romanos Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    The Corgi Xmas party was postponed for two weeks due to the weather being drizzly. So hopefully Dec 21 will be more like barbecue weather.

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