Corgis coats not for trimming

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    Why not to trim or shave the coat of a non-fluff Corgi:

    1/ Alters permanently the natural appearance and texture of the trimmed or shaed part/s.

    2/ Robs Corgis of their natural defence against heat and sunburn. Dogs fur is entirely different from human hair. Corgis fur helps them regulate their temperatures in both colder and warmer weather.

    Corgis have double coats and so are protected in wet conditions - they are wet-weather dogs - but having said that if left for sustained periods to sit or lie on damp surfaces this can lead to eventual arthritis.

    Corgis are designed for temperate climates and that is a major reason that they thrive better in the majority of countries in Europe and in New Zealand, They are best suited for temperatures of between 8C and 16C (46F-61F). But it is a fact that some adaptability occurs though not in the case of extremes. After many generations, Corgis coats will develop to be shorter in warmer climates and longer in colder climates. For example, Corgis in most parts of Australia have developed shorter coats than those in NZ and Britain.

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    When Gummybear had an MRI last August, they shaved an area about 2x3 inches on her back. That was 10 months ago and it has not grown in completely yet. It took a couple of months before we even saw any fur, albeit sparse, growing. Is taking that long to regrow normal for corgis? Or maybe it is just Gummybear.

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