Corgis love bounding through tunnels

Discussion in 'Obedience, Agility & Other Sports' started by Michael Romanos, Nov 29, 2015.

  1. Michael Romanos

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    Just purchased a five metre long tunnel (as in the sport of agility) for the Corgis. Taylor simply sprints through any type of tunnel with great joy and my goal is to try and arrive at the exit at least at the same time as he does. Fletcher at 15 weeks of age has yet to be introduced to tunnelling but I hope that he will be influenced and eventually feel just as compelled to spurt through it.

    Great game/activity for Corgis and in your own yard but they can be folded and easily transported to other venues. And that is what I plan to do - make use of it for the benefit of Corgis in the Corgi club.

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