Corgis to mix in with Valhunds

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    Valhunds and Corgis are cousins much like many Pembroke Corgis are cousins of Cardigan Corgis.
    The Valhund originated in Sweden and Vikings brought the Valhund to Wales and there was a mixing with another/ other breeds to form the Pembroke Corgi some 800 years ago.

    Like Corgis the Valhund has short legs, long body, erect ears and double coat and is a herding breed. They are more hard-at-it than Corgis but like Cardigans they are an ancient breed going back over 3000 years and in some ways they are more akin to the Cardigan than the Pem. Valhunds are a littler heavier than the Pem and a little lighter than the Cardi.

    So with all the above in mind, the Wellington Welsh Corgi Walking Club has decided to engage Valhunds into the club. Valhunds are actually on a population surge in New Zealand though they still remain a minor breed.

    The club has only just made overtures to Valhund owners through a contact in the Wellington region and is awaiting response.

    There is a dwindling strain of Valhund who are not so tolerant of other breeds but the club only wants friendly and sociable Valhunds with most of our monthly walks off-leash and there is also the intermingling post-walk.

    I actually met with a Valhund breeder from outside of the Wellington region at a dog show who had acquired a delightful and showy male Pembroke Corgi puppy and she told me that her six Valhunds had come to terms with the puppy. She would be the only Valhund owner in NZ also with a Corgi but a few days later she had returned the Corgi to the breeder but not because of any relationship issues.
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    Mike, I live in Southern Calif and I have seen just one Swedish Valhund in the last 10 years! I'm sure they're out there. It's just a very obscure breed of dog.
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    There are plenty of Valhunds (or Vallhunds or Swedish Vallhunds)) in Northern Europe. All the ones I have seen are the colour of a gray wolf ie two toned gray but they can also be red and red & gray. And the Valhund does resemble a small wolf.
    My Pem Taylor had some great competition in agility with a friendly Valhund (owned appropriately by a Swedish woman) with the Valhund slightly the quicker but not always as accurate as Taylor.

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