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Discussion in 'Recipes' started by LaRogue, May 19, 2010.

  1. LaRogue

    LaRogue Senior Member

    Is anyone familiar with, or have any opinions about, The organic dog biscuit cookbook from Bubba Rose Biscuit Company or it's recipes? I saw (and bought) a copy in the bookstore today. I've just taken a quick glance, but it doesn't look too hard to make the biscuits and seems like you can make subsitutions if your dog has special needs.

    I also saw Marion Nestle's new book. The cover has a cat and pem complete with bibs...
  2. luckylindyhopper

    luckylindyhopper Senior Member

    Did not know such a thing existed. May have to check it out! I rather prefer knowing where Izi's food comes from than having to guess. If you try anything out, let us know how it goes!
  3. glencorgi

    glencorgi Senior Member

    I'm a Bubba Rose fan ... have the cookbook and have enjoyed making the recipes. I've also ordered from their online store and my corgis really enjoy their biscuits.

  4. LaRogue

    LaRogue Senior Member

    Debbie-Thanks for your opinion! It's good to know the recipes pass the corgi taste test!!

    I am going to try one of the recipes on a day off next week and will report back on how it goes.
  5. CorGeek

    CorGeek Senior Member

    Evil...I just had to check out the Bubba Rose site...ended ordering a cake for Oliver's first birthday (next week!) since he can share it with his sister AND the cookbook.
  6. Westwood

    Westwood Senior Member

    Anyone know of any other good places to buy doggie birthday cakes? The ones on the Bubba Rose site are sooo cute but they're peanut butter which Henry won't touch...silly dog!
  7. CorGeek

    CorGeek Senior Member

    Good question. :itch:
    There's a shop in downtown Lake Geneva called Paws for Treats. I don't know if they have cakes, but they welcome dogs. And answered my email promptly. Since they're in the "biz" they might be able to help. :)
  8. donna g

    donna g Junior Member

  9. Louwants

    Louwants Senior Member

    I need something that is flour and possibly gluten free. Duncan seems to have problems with all types of flour, which makes me think he is gluten intolerant. So, he's been eating Natural Balance Duck and Potate kibble with the Limited Ingredients can food. Seems to have stopped his itching.

    Our neighbor lady was giving him a dog biscuit at least once a day and he started digging and itching. Who'd thought just one little biscuit would bother him so much. He and Chloe look so forward to every mornng her giving them a biscuit, I couldn't make her stop so I buy his special biscuits, Natural Balance; just so she can give them one every morning.
  10. glencorgi

    glencorgi Senior Member

    The Bubba Rose cookbook, I "think" has recipes with rice flour/potato flour .. you can substitute. I recommend getting on the mailing list, enter your corgis'/dogs' birthdays - they get a free treat. It's a lot of fun.

  11. sofapup

    sofapup Senior Member

    Louwants, I know exactly what you want. It's Zuke's Very Berryz
    Organic Dog Biscuits - SuperFoods for Dogs.
    Lilliput can't have wheat, and this is mostly oats, I believe. Pricey, but once you get into special diets, that's how it goes. You're in WI, right? I buy them at Mounds.

    After years of making everything from scratch for a child with extensive allergies, I do NOT want to cook any more, ever, for any one, not even my dog. So no cookbook for me. Just cookies from Mounds!

    (Now that I think, though, oats have gluten. Hope there's something in the Zukes catalog that can help you.)
  12. LaRogue

    LaRogue Senior Member

    This is what was so appealing to me. I am over reading never ending ingredient lists and ordering treats. All of the cookbooks recipes are wheat, corn, and soy free and you can subsitute according to your dog's individual dietary needs.

    Alot of the recipes have brown rice and/or oatmeal flour, but as Debbie mentioned there are some potato flour ones along with some grain free jerky treats, cakes, and I think I even saw a recipe for a pie! To me it looks like there are a few "as written recipes" for almost every need. The book recommends not substituting the dough ingriendents, because it *can* make it difficult to work with, but I think if you are willing to add a bit more flour or water as needed, you can do it, and it will work.

    I went shopping for the few ingredients I don't have on hand (the different flours) and thought I would have a hard time finding them. Not at all!! I was pleasantly surprised. My large chain grocery store had a huge selection and so did the smaller store (for less $) here that specializes in locally grown/raised/organic foods. I was hoping to make a pumpkin biscuit, but after hitting 8 :eek: stores with not a single can of any kind of pumpkin in sight (price for plain pumpkin on the empty shelves $2.99!!!!) I guess we now have a shortage like so many others.
    Pip is like that. He has immediate reactions. He once had a reaction to a tiny piece of wheat bread that fell on the floor, while I was making a sandwich.
    I've heard varying opinions on whether they actually have gluten or they can be contaminated from wheat. Whichever it is Pip's not had a reaction to them, so they work for me.

    Sorry for being so long winded and rambling. I'm excited about trying to make dog biscuits. :chef: If all goes well, I might have to invest in a couple of corgi cookie cutters. :)
  13. LaRogue

    LaRogue Senior Member

    I made some treats last night. I picked easy recipes, since I am not the best baker. They were so simple and quick, I ending up making 3 types. My official taste tester had a few small smaples and they were a huge hit!

    One tip I would give, (for anyone like me who doesn't bake much) is to measure out the water and add it gradually, as needed. I messed up the first recipe (but Pip still goobled it up), because I dumped all the ingredients in a bowl, started stirring, and ended up with a gooey, sticky mess, that I then tried to *fix*. :eek:hmy: :lol: It still turned out ok, but I would recommend against doing that! :lol: All in all it was a big sucess!
  14. Dillydoodle

    Dillydoodle Senior Member

    Thanks for the review... i may have to pick up this book and make some cookies.. I did make some cookies once that were cheesy wheat cookies... the boys liked them but they were a bit more wheat than i like feeding to my guys . Neither is allergic to wheat but it doesn't always agree with their bellies...

    Glad that Pip liked the snacks... so what did you actually make?

  15. LaRogue

    LaRogue Senior Member

    All of the recipes in the book are wheat, corn, and soy free, so they should be good for you. There are at least 3 different cheese recipes. I made one of them...very easy.
    At work, so I don't have the official names, but I made turkey meatballs, cheese (low fat cheddar & parmasean) biscuits, and a biscuit with cinnamon, unsweetend applesauce, and honey. The last one is the one I messed up, but it was salvagable (sp).

    The cheese biscuits were the only roll out cookie type. I only have Christmas cookie cutters and I didn't want the biscuits to be that large, so I used a pizza wheel and cut them into diamonds, rectangles and squares. The meatballs are made like regular meatballs (they area bit greasy) and the apple are like drop (peanut butter or oatmeal) cookies.

    PS I finally checked out the website and if you order the cookbook from there, you get a bone shaped cookie cutter, too. The price is the same as the bookstore. Don't know about the shipping, though.
  16. Dillydoodle

    Dillydoodle Senior Member

    I actually have a bone shaped cookie cutter... and I have a pembroke shaped cookie cutter.. though that is way too big to make cookies for the dogs.. i actually use those when i do christmas cookies - i will make one big corgi sugar cookie to put on the top of the cookies so people know who the cookies came from ( "ohhh, the corgi lady's cookies " or " Dillon and Gus's mom, as the neighborhood kids call me LOL!) I have some small holiday cookie cutters that might work... the cookies are only about 1 1/2 inches - that way i can have some shapes other than bone...

    The applesauce cookies sound really good... and the cheese cookies i know would be a huge hit here.. my dogs LOVE cheese. I think i will have to go buy this book for sure, especially as they are cooking wheat and corn free!.. the dogs would love some home made cookies...

    Thanks again!
  17. DonCoryon

    DonCoryon Member

  18. Dillydoodle

    Dillydoodle Senior Member

    My cookie cutter looks like this:
    Corgi Cookie Cutter ? Corgi Tales

    however, i have not seen one like that in a while.. i just googled it , and this was the only one i found that looks like what i have... i am sure if you look around on line, you might find it. I think i got mine about 4 yrs ago on ebay...

  19. DonCoryon

    DonCoryon Member

  20. Dillydoodle

    Dillydoodle Senior Member

    Awesome! That looks almost the exact same as the one i have .... which i love!


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