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Discussion in 'Puppy Feeding' started by cherp, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. cherp

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    I have been doing a ton of research to make sure I give my little Penny the best diet possible and avoid any complications or problems if needed. One thing I've seen suggested a lot is rotating proteins or formulas (I have also read this isn't necessary, but I've yet to find anything suggesting that it is detrimental to their health, so we don't need to argue about whether or not you need to do this). How often would you rotate, if you chose to, or if you do rotate, how often do you? Quarterly? Bi-annually?
  2. LaRogue

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    I switch canned food (brand & protein) after each can and dry foods seasonally. Most of what I've read suggests it can take 2-3 months for the previous food to leave their system and to see changes from the new. It's also a schedule that is easy for me to remember!:)
  3. cherp

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    That was my instinct, I figure if they were in the wild, that's when their diet would change because of the different available sources. Thanks!
  4. Peggy

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    I feed Nature's Domain. It comes in a Salmon and Sweet Potato formula and a Turkey and Sweet Potato. I feed a bag of one flavor and then the other flavor.

    If you stick to the same company but different flavors/formulas there should be no problem. Rotating is not necessary but if you want to, that's just fine too.

    Wild dogs eat what they can catch. For wolves it's mostly deer, but sometimes an elk, moose or buffalo (if they live where there are buffalo!), but they will eat rabbits and other small animals if that's all they can get. Foxes will eat mostly rabbits, but again, other small animals when they can get them. Coyotes, again, rabbits and other small animals. Sometimes something bigger if there are enough of them.

    Wild dogs will also eat road kill and run smaller predators off a kill if they get the chance. Their diet changes depending on what's available that they can kill.

  5. LaRogue

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    In the wild, I don't know about, but Peggy's comments make sense to me. My reading and research was focused on food allergies, and the 2-3 months is what I've seen for how long it can take an allergen to leave the system and to see improvement with a new food. Sorry if I created any confusion!
  6. Dillydoodle

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    The only thing I would add to this is that you should leave a few protein sources (some of the more unusual ones) in case of future food allergies. If your dog develops allergies, it is always good to have one or two alternative protein sources that you can fall back on... I wish I remember where I read that. I tend to rotate flavors in the are line of dog foods, like Fromms which states that you can easily go from flavor to flavor without much transition if any.

    I always err on the side of caution and do transition them over the course of a week when switching foods even within the same brand but I know many people who don't have to do that...but eery dog is different. I know some folks who switch foods every 3 months, some twice a year, some after each bag, there is no wrong way, I just personally like to give my boys time to adjust and I do not like to rock the boat ( don't fix what ain't broke) mostly due to Gus who has an autoimmune disease and can be more picky with his food than his brother, and who may or many not adjust well to a food.

    For him it can take up to a month for me to know a food is working well for him or not.. And keeping weight on his is more a problem, so I have to weigh him frequently when switching foods to make sure he is digesting the food well and keeping his weight up. Dillon is more the typical corgi and tends towards gaining weight, so he has to be watched closely as well an have his food amounts adjusted as we go along.

  7. Michael Romanos

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    I have changed the dry processed food diet part of my Corgi's meals quite often. He has been through 7-8 different producers kibble in his 10 years. And this does not include the sample packets he has trialled.
    U do believe that by and large the same food day after day year after year is not what a dog prefers no matter how fast he/she gobbles it up. So long as the general quality of the food remains or is enhanced, then it will be favourable for a dog. The (four) stages a dog goes through will also influence the food he/she is given as will the general condition of a dog and if they have any issues with certain food items.

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  8. wink568

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    I switch flavors of Taste of the Wild, but intend to stick to that. Ein gets a seasonally appropriate flavor of canned food for holidays and special occasions. I know he doesn't care that he gets turkey canned food for Thanksgiving, but it makes me feel good. :)
  9. cherp

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    Thanks for all the comments and info. :)

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