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Discussion in 'Health Issues & Questions' started by tjguitar, Jul 5, 2007.

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    My corgi has extreme emotional attachment to my mother, it's somewhat understandable since she takes care of him most of the time. When she's not home during the day he usually just lays by the front door waiting for her...unless he's ready for dinner. After I take him outside in the morning to do his business, sometimes he'll do "the circuit" where he runs all around the house, or do the thing where he lays on his back and rolls around on the carpet, but most of the time he just lays around waiting for mommy to come home even though that can be days.

    The problem is when she's out of town, it seems like he doesn't have to go potty as often as when she's home. I try to walk him in the morning but he puts on the brakes and does not want to go very far. Yesterday he did one big one when I got him up around 8...another big one around 10ish, and a small one in the afternoon but today as well as monday he only did one big one in the morning when he got up.

    And if she's home, he won't go outside with anybody else, which can be annoying for her if she's doing something. He'll come if you drag him but i don't want to choke him.

    We joke that he "holds it" for her but it seems kind of weird. Do all doggies have "preferred walkers" or is he just a weirdo?:drop:
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    He's not a weirdo, and no not all have "preferred walkers". However I have heard of a few dogs that do that. So while not common, also not unheard of.

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    Your Corgi acts typically.
    He adores your mother and he is concerned when she is absent - especially for long periods because he uses his herding and pack traits. He want your mother back among his crew (pack) and he is not happy until he knows she is safe. He feels responsible.
    Your mother perhaps treats your Corgi better from his point of view. My Corgi loves all his family though my daughter ignores him completely and only has harsh words to say to him (like "get out of my way") and my wife has only ever picked him up once - and that was over 4 years ago - and never had him on her lap. He waits for their return home and he anxiously wants to sleep in my daughter's room.
    As far as toileting goes - Taylor's usual routine is to poop twice during his morning walk and that's it for the day. Corgis will sometimes not poop when they feel stressed (eg worried, concerned, hurried).

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