Feeding amount for 8 month old corgi

Discussion in 'Puppy Feeding' started by naperez, Nov 8, 2013.

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    I feed my girl Ellie about 3/4 of a cup twice a day. She eats it all and usually begs for more, but I don't want to over feed her. She doesn't look too skinny or too fat so I'm assuming this is enough. I was just wondering what your recommendations are for an 8 month old.
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    This video shows how to check if your dog is overweight and what to do...

    How To Tell If A Dog Is Overweight - YouTube

    The "rib-to-waist" transition is well defined on PEMs, so, it's not hard to gauge, even from a distance, if you're feeding too much. Also, what's a really cool "resource" is the random picture gallery that displays at the top of this forum's first page. By watching the video and studying the pictures of other Corgis, you'll be able to spot if you're over, under or feeding, just right.

    I view "recommendations on feeding" as kinda irrelevant since most owners supplement (add goodies) to their dog's meals, plus, "treats" & "chews" can add just as many calories, if not more, to a dog's diet than an actual meal. The reality is, "snack" feeding has become standard operating practice by all dog owners and, let's face it, Corgis are the most cunning snack thieves in the world! :search:
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    A cup and a half per day of what? Is that absolutely all she is fed per day?
    What kind of exercising do you now give your eight month old Corgi?
    Is she a normal (ie standard) size female Corgi?

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