Finally! A place to run FREE!

Discussion in 'Stories' started by gameintruder, May 21, 2013.

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    Woody's day (or night) finally came when the backyard became available to him to run free without any restraints whatsoever for the first time.

    He was so happy and exhilarated that when he finally got upstairs he drank a full bowl of water, and dropped to the floor from the exhaustion, lol. My father said that Woody did figure 8's at lightning speeds, he, he. He definitely impressed my father. My brother is actually contemplating on making some ramps for Woody to jump them. He's an extremely agile puppy at 5 months. I wanted to take pictures and videos of him running like mad, but it was nearing nightfall and my cameras, of course, need light.

    Soon, however, I will post some pics. He had such a great time, and it was such a pleasure watching him at play. I just can't believe how fast he is, lol. :) :wiggle: He was one HAPPY corgi. :chase:


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  2. Louwants

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    Tell your brother to hold off on the ramps. Those aren't good for the corgi to leap off of, at any age, due to their long back. I appreciate him being excited and wanting to help make something for Woody, but not ramps to leap from.

    It is highly recommended that corgi do no agility until they are at least 1 year old I imagine you could do the weave alright, just no leaping over boards or through hoops.

    So glad to hear that Woody finally got room to run. That zooming around in circles is called FRAP (frantic random active play). You could tell how happy he was! A tired corgi, is a happy corgi.
  3. gameintruder

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    Thanks for your help. I will tell my brother this. I'm glad that you were able to take the time and let me know that I almost made a bad mistake with the ramps. The last thing I need is a horrible accident. Thanks for the heads up.

    Lol. So zooming around in circles is called FRAP.:wiggle: Like I said before, you learn something new everyday. Well Woody was definitely FRAPING, he, he. :D And definitely happy.

    Have a blessed one. ;)

  4. Michael Romanos

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    Corgis are fine at starting agility at the normal age of dogs taking a full part which in most countries is 18 months. But they can jump off ramps when in a hurry and Taylor throughout his agility career would on occasions jump off the A-frame in agility and in his early days, right from the top set then at 2.01m (6f 7in) from the ground.

    No jumping off or on high-set furniture, beds, ramps and steps until over six months for Corgis.

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    Thanks for the info. It seems like I have a lot to learn when it comes to Corgis. I like the idea of someday putting Woody in an agility contest. But until he's ready for it, I guess we can just let him run around like a maniac and be happy that he's enjoying himself. :)

    Only thing I don't like is that he licks the dirt sometimes. Nobody walks there because my landlady has been trying for years to make something grow (even a weed) and so far there's only two small bushes. The rest is dirt. There's also concrete, but he prefers getting down and really dirty where the plants are.

    He's a nut.

    Lissette :back:
  6. Spock LOVES running, and sometimes he will go crazy and just run in big circles around the back yard until he's too tired to run any more. Corgi pups are so energetic! It's amazing how fast they can run on those short little "stumps" :) :run:
  7. Michael Romanos

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    Corgis can run fast if they are not carrying any excessive weight and some very fast but they can also look rather pedestrian when they come up against a long legged dog who can virtually lope along and still outpace a Corgi.

    I love it when Corgis expend some excess energy or last reserves of energy and do the frapping.

    On last month's Corgi walk by the Wellington Corgi Club we were confronted by a Whippet who raced around at great speed, joy and athleticism. Some of our crew of Corgis decided to give chase but only one named Eddie (who I will be looking after for a week in a few days) had a serious crack at it and Eddie slipped over a couple of times doing complete roll overs which made us all laugh.

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