Finley's favorite new toy and some tricks

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Finley, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. Finley

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    I got one of those Kyjen Tail Teasers yesterday and Finley just loves it.
    $15 on Amazon

    He loves to chase that furry little thing. He jumps at it and sometimes he gives a single bark if it's a bit too elusive, lol.

    Really gives him a workout too!

    Probably could have made something similar for cheaper but I figured this was designed to be safe and strong enough for dogs.

    It comes with 2 "critters" that you can put on the end of the rope. 1 thing that sucks is that 1 replacement "critter" is $5 and there's really not that much to them. basically a furry stuffed animal shell, a squeaker (which already quit squeaking in the one I'm currently using, and something to make a rattling sound. I'll probably find something else to use once the 2 that come with it "die", especially at that price.

    I also taught Finley how to roll over and shake. He's funny because ever since I taught him roll over, when I tell him to lay down, he wants to roll over. I suspect it's so he can get a treat, lol.
  2. pat_m

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    Looks like something for a cat, we have something like that. Byron, nor fergie, showed interest. The cats do love it...

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