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Discussion in 'Grooming & Care' started by rascals mom, Nov 3, 2014.

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    I have a corgi that is now 7 years old, recently his hair has gotten very flakey, The first time I noticed this, I started giving him fish oil supplements in his food (Science diet for mature dogs small bites), a good shampooing and it cleared up right away. This time the flakes are bigger and more persistnt, we are going thru the summer, fall now into winter weather. Any ideas on how to treat this skin problem?

    I should also note that we are not 100% positive that rascal is a full corgi (We rescued him when he was around 8 months old... by vets estimation and didn't come with papers) although he looks identical to pictures of Tri-colored Pembroke Welsh Corgies . Vet said he could possibly have a little terrier in him because his fur is not as fluffy as usual in corgies., Don't know just love him unconditionally and get that back from him. !!
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    There are many reasons for a dog with flaky skin and some of them are SERIOUS.

    So I would get him to a vet ASAP

    For general skin and coat health, a level teaspoon of coconut oil added to his/her meals three times a week is hugely beneficial.

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  3. rascals mom

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    Thanks MR, I was concidering that earlier, I have just bathed him again, and am waiting to see if the flakiness clears up, I have also heard of the coconut oil, I had thought that the fish oil was the trick? This last time the flakes came so quickly and were so big, that it did alarm me.

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