Flea and Tick treatment

Discussion in 'Holistic Care' started by corgimom, May 26, 2006.

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    Well, I have tried Firefox and I do still have it installed, but I will take Opera any day. I get tired of all of the extensions that Firefox has and trying to make sure they are all playing nice with each other. With Opera, I can just use it. Works for me.:grin:
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    That can get a little aggravating but I leave most of them alone. All I have is the Forecastfox for the weather, Tabbrowsers Preferences (love that tabbed browser function) and IE View for when FF doesn't want to open something for me. Anything is better and safer than IE.
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    I bought the Sentry Natural Defensse for the girls about 3 weeks ago. I ended up having to bathe all 3 dogs the next night. It was super oily and aromatic. It rubbed off on everything, even leaving greasy looking spots on their blankets. Not to mention, it did not work. I am very hesitant about using frontline on the girls. It's what my vet recommends but, I don't like applying the "chemicals" to their skin. Living in the south (Little Rock, AR.) we have ticks and fleas really bad. I started using Sentry Flea and Tick shampoo with oatmeal. The girls get a bath every 10 days. I also use a flea comb and brush them daily. So far this has been working. We added yard treatment to our pest control plan. They come out every 3 months and treat the yard. My husband bought an Ortho spray that hooks up to the water hose, we do this in the months between our other treatment. The spray kills fleas, ticks and mosquitos. I live by this stuff!! We wave a pond in our back yard and NO mosquito problems. It is safe to use around the dogs as long as you let it completely soak into the ground and dry.
    Good luck in the fight against fleas, ticks and mosquitos!!!!
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    Ok. Resurrecting an old thread...

    Has anyone ever heard/tried eucalyptus as a natural deterrent to keep fleas from setting up house in our houses? I heard of this many, many years ago when I lived in Fla (before all of the flea preventives we have now were available) and since then, I've always had an eucalyptus "arrangement" or two. I like them (yes, I know I'm strange :blush:) for themselves, for decoration/scent, but I'm wondering if they might actually help with fleas. I've never had an indoors flea problem, at least not that I knew of (I hope I would notice a flea infestation!) and while I've always used other flea preventives, flea comb and shampoos, years ago, and flea comb with Frontline Plus now, I wonder if the eucalyptus helps.
  5. MyPemCharlie

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    Huh. I've never heard of eucalyptus as a flea repellent but it could be. I have heard lavendar, garlic (which you don't want strewn around your home :) ), cedar, and rosemary.

    You would definitely notice a flea infestation. Fourteen years ago, I brought little feral kitty Einstein in from the backyard where feral-momma was raising him. Not thinking...totally wild feral cat would have major fleas. Duh!!! With two other cats in the house, we had recurring flea battles every week or two for months. Had to bring in the big guns (chemical flea control company), which today I would know better than use all those harsh chemicals.
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    I've actually never had to do anything for flea control with Odie. Even if he play with a dog(s) with fleas and I see some on him on the way home, he's never had them. Its like they just aren't attached to him. My only theory is that we are very italian and pretty much every meal we prepare has garlic in one item at least. And even though we probably should, Odie always gets table scrap if not his own little potion. So I know he eats a pretty fair share of garlic, probably more than the average human eats.
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    I'd say you're pretty lucky! Even with frontline plus, which I use more for ticks than fleas, I still find fleas on Pip. I don't know about the fleas where other members live, but the ones up here seem to be getting mighty resistant to the preventatives! My best flea prevention is the good old flea comb.
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    We have battled fleas all summer since a dog came to visit that was loaded with fleas. I used the Frontline Top Spot and just about every three to four weeks, Chip would be scratching and digging again. Don't see more then one or two fleas but they are there and I think Chip is allergic to them. Anyway, I only just found out after calling the company that it only kills the adult fleas so I have switched to the Frontline Plus that kills fleas and eggs so that should cure the problem now. You are right though, I think these fleas are getting used to the flea treatment.
  9. LaRogue

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    Funny you should mention this. I found a bunch of fleas on Pip today...and he's always been on Frontline Plus. I give it religiously every 30 days for ticks. Last year and now this year I have found fleas on him. I flea combed him really, really well, but am freaked out by how many there were. Frontline Plus is supposed to sterilize them so they can't breed, so I'm hoping it works and I don't have an infestation. I spent almost all day cleaning, vacuuming, and laundering. I have an appointment with my vet at the end of the month and am going to speak with him about it again.
    Last year, I called Merail and the rep told me some fleas are resistant to Frontline and that the Plus carries a chemical to sterilize them. I've used the Plus, for as long as it's been available and although I've started finding fleas on Pip, I've not had any of the signs people have told me to look for with an flea infestation...yet.
  10. Michael Romanos

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    Either Frontline or Advantage now sells on the market a multi purpose product for dogs that gets rid of worms, fleas and ticks - one application does everything for upwards of three months.
  11. MyPemCharlie

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    Frontline - fleas and ticks. Stated effectiveness 30 days.
    Frontline Plus - fleas, flea eggs and larvae, and ticks. Stated effectiveness 30 days.

    Advantage - fleas only. Stated effectiveness 30 days.
    Advantage Multi - fleas, intestinal parasites, heartworms. Stated effectiveness 30 days.

    There are several other product options your veterinarian may recommend.

    Your vet will advise you on which products (if any) are necessary in your geographic area, as well as whether or not you need to use them year-round.
  12. LaRogue

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    AND... :sorry: I was wrong with this statement. Frontline Plus does not sterilize fleas, it kills all stages of them, hence preventing them from living/developing to breed. Sorry for the misinformation...don't know what I was (freaked out from finding so many fleas!) thinking!
  13. Michael Romanos

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    There is from one of the Frontline or Advantage manufacturers a brand new product that kills fleas and worms with one application and last for upwards of two-three months. I happen to have a brief conversation with a guy i met during a dog walk who has direct connections with one of these outfits and had used the drug on his dog ahead of the stuff being available on the market.
    I decided that at this stage i will stick to what i already use - Frontline-plus (which last Taylor four months per application) for fleas and ticks and all-purpose Drontal for worming which also lasts Taylor four months per 1.5 tablets.
  14. Chinlady

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    I was wondering if anyone uses Revolution? I have used it on my Rott and my mix breed and it worked wonderful. By using Revolution you don't have to give the heart worm pills and you are able to save some money.

    I have now been using Frontline and I don't like it...I found out from my vet the fleas will still get on your dog and they don't died until the flea bites the dog. Now I have a problem with that I don't want the fleas brought into my house to jump off my dogs and bite me. With the Revolution I never had this problem.

    Like I said I have a Rott and a mix breed and I also have 2 Corgies and from 1-800 pet meds for the Front Line and the heart worm pills for 4 dogs will be 447.00 for a year. And if I go with just the Revolution it will be 401.00 for the year. Now that is from May until April. I just wish that they would come out with something that would work with one application and last for the whole year and repel everything, and not cost an arm and a leg.

    Einstein & Cashmere (my wonderful corgies):lay:
  15. MyPemCharlie

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    I don't know if it would save you any money, but my vet offered me a less expensive solution for flea/heartworm control...without me asking. This may work for you.

    We use Advantage Multi monthly topical. It is an all-in-one flea insectide, heartworm preventative and intestinal wormer.

    Charlie is 22.5 pounds and Desta is 12.5 pounds. (Essentially I have 35 pounds of dogs. LOL) Advantage Multi is packaged in four different sized vials for weight-ranges of the dog, but the formula in the vial is exactly the same (there aren't different formulas for each dog size).

    If I bought the 12 month "Teal" for Desta (9.1-20 pound dogs), the cost/year is $130.00. Charlie would need the "Red" (20.1-55 pound dogs) at $140.00/year. For $270.00, I would actually be buying enough medicine for up to 75 pounds of dogs -- way more than I need for my 35 total pounds of dogs.

    There is a "minimum effective dose" and using more medicine is just a waste of medicine and money. My dogs need 1.75ml/month of product total.

    So here is what my vet did for me. He matched the best price I could find on the internet for a 6-vial box of the "Blue" (dogs 55.1-88 pounds) which was $74.00. Each vial is 4ml, so this box will last a little over a year. Next he gave me a test tube vial with a red rubber stopper (the vials that they take blood samples in) and a free syringe. I pour the 4ml into the tube, and measure out the exact minimum dose for each dog (Desta at .65ml, Charlie at 1.1ml), take the needle off the syringe and apply it.

    $74.00 a year is a heck of a lot better than $270 a year!

    I don't know if that will save you any money versus Revolution or other brands, but it might be worth taking a look at. Your vet would also need to be willing to give you the prescription the way that mine did and supplies. The vet can also show you how to measure if you need help figuring out the dose or application.

    The equation (for the Advantage Multi only...others may be different) is 1/2 your dog's weight times 10 percent = ml per month.
  16. Peggy

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    Now, I'm not an expert on fleas since we don't have them here, but my understanding is that if there is a dog around the fleas prefer the dog to humans. So it's unlikely they'll jump off him to you. And once they bite him they'll be dead.

    Well, something like that would probably cost an arm and a leg. And IMO, I think something that would last a whole year would be too toxic and I'd not be wanting to use something like that on my dog.

    With periodic applications if your dog has a reaction to it you can stop it and change treatments too.

  17. LaRogue

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    If you're using the Frontline Plus, the fleas don't actually have to bite your dog to die. Frontline® - Kill 98-100% of fleas and ticks I believe the way it works: the stuff (posion) gets into the dogs hair, oils, and follicles and then posions the fleas when they come into contact with it. You're right in that they don't die immediately. I recently found a bunch of fleas on Pip and had the flea conversation (Frontline Plus vs K-9 Advantix) with the vet last week. I've had the tick conversation with the manufactor, in the past, because it kills ticks the same way.
    That's very nice of your vet to do that for you!
  18. Michael Romanos

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    In New Zealand conditions, Frontline (Plus) is brillaint. I only have to use a tube every four months so that one packet lasts a year. Great value and total peace of mind.
  19. DarkSephiroth

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    Is using anti-flea medicines necessary over the course of a year? It seems awfully costly.
  20. Dillydoodle

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    I live in CT... and i use frontline year round... i have seen ticks around here in the wooded areas as late as december and as early as march... so i dont take chances with lyme disease so common up in this area. I also use interceptor ( heartworm) meds year round with no breaks... I feel like it is better safe than sorry...

    About 15 yrs ago, my cat and i moved to Puerto Rico and lived there for 6 months and while we were there, she got fleas ( and ringworm but that is another story) and getting rid of the fleas on her was just the worst! She, along with all my cats, was an indoor only cat, but my roomate had a cat that she let come and go as he wanted out all the time ( gee can't imagine why, he was an intact male.... hmmm) so he brought in the fleas.... and the ring worm and that is how she got both... I finally rid her of both just in time to move back to the US and since that time, i have never seen a flea on any of my animals. I do not currently treat my cats becuase they are indoor only but the dogs are treated year round and have never brought fleas home... ticks are another story.. but i am vigilant about doing regular tick checks...

    If i lived where you did, Darksephiroth, I would have them on year round as you are in a warmer climate where the fleas can live year round. Not sure what the tick situation is there, but here it is really bad...Oh and to save money... you can find it on ebay way cheaper than in the vet's office and it is the same thing.


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