Flea and Tick treatment

Discussion in 'Holistic Care' started by corgimom, May 26, 2006.

  1. Peggy

    Peggy Senior Member

    Randy is a puppy. Puppies are in a state of growth, so they don't shed much. Wait till he's about a year old then he'll blow his puppy coat!

  2. DarkSephiroth

    DarkSephiroth Senior Member

    Yeah, the vet said Corgi didn't have any signs of fleas or anything.
  3. johndragon005

    johndragon005 Member

    Duke's been scratching at himself randomly for a few seconds, and i have yet to give him any flea medications. He has a flea collar...but should I go get some flea/tick medication like K9 Advantix for him? or should I just kind of wait if it gets any worse? He's an inside dog, but we take him to outside the backyard as well as dog parks...so should we just give him flea medications just incase? We clean his crate/playpen about every week and he gets a bath every month.
  4. chrismunkrn

    chrismunkrn Senior Member

    Are you seeing any signs of fleas? Here's a link that may helpful in finding fleas on Duke, if indeed he has those nasty little buggers....Fleas On Pets - Pets With Fleas
    The guys sometimes scratch themselves, infrequently, for no apparent reason. Maybe it just feels good? =)
  5. gogogiraffes

    gogogiraffes Senior Member

    Gizmo's on frontline plus. But he is still showing signs of fleas. :(
  6. johndragon005

    johndragon005 Member

    duke doesnt seem to have anything, he's generally pretty clean, he just scratches himself sometimes and i wonder if that's cause he doesnt have any flea preventative...
  7. gogogiraffes

    gogogiraffes Senior Member

    our trainer said she has had about 10 people report frontline not working. As soon as we got our new box, it stopped working. So.. I don't know what to do.
  8. Peggy

    Peggy Senior Member

    Check his belly and armpits for flea dirt. Flea dirt is little black specks. If he doesn't have any he doesn't have fleas. If he doesn't have fleas he's not scratching due to fleas. However, LA is flea country so keep an eye out.

    Sometimes dogs/puppies scratch just because they have an itch. Just like us. ;)

  9. Lindsey

    Lindsey Junior Member

    I see that Only Natural pets has some alternatives with the shampoo and some powder stuff, or other things we can put on our pets, but just wondering if anyone has used anything else besides the frontline? I did order that natural stuff, but am thinking - what if this doesn't work?


    Hi Linda,

    I use the Only natural pets products on all of my animals, before the corgies I had a newfoundland and used the spray on him - Van Gogh (the newf) never had any fleas and maybe 1 or 2 ticks a year. Which is fantastic as we live in a very wooded area in the northeast. I recommend these products to all of my clients looking for something natural to use on their pets (or for them). I used it on myself and the human kids when we go camping :)

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