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Discussion in 'Holistic Care' started by viicky, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. viicky

    viicky Junior Member

    Hi everyone!

    I joined this forum today because I've been over whelmed with fleas for the past few months. Somehow Scraper and Bonnie got fleas and I've been trying to battle the issue for sometime now. I've gone through Frontline, K9advantix, Capstar, flea baths, and also a flea spray all throughout the house but I still keep finding the little buggars on them. I feel so bad seeing my little babies scratching everyday, I'm at wits-end with these darn fleas! I've been looking into the Program tablets, does anyone recommend it? Any suggestions would help.

    thanks in advance! :lay:
  2. Westwood

    Westwood Senior Member

    I haven't used the Program tablets, but I have heard really good things about Comfortis if you haven't tried that yet.
  3. glencorgi

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    Program does not kill the fleas, it interrupts their reproductive cycle and helps with future infestation. One still needs to kill the fleas on the dog. Capstar kills immediately and has about a 24 hour efficacy. Comfortis is like Capstar in a month long version. Comfortis (be sure to follow instructions and give with food) combined with ProMeris topical(doesn't smell that good, but it does work) is the most effective knock out combination I have come across recently.


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