Fletcher Evans bites thru another leash

Discussion in 'Behavioral Issues' started by Michael Romanos, Oct 27, 2016.

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    Fletcher, my 15 month old red and white Pembroke Corgi has many lovely traits but he has a few issues.

    For instance he bites through his leashes when he feels so inclined.

    Today he chomped in half the fourth leash he has wrecked. And three of them have been expensive show-quality leashes.

    Today's effort was special. We walked down to the village shopping area and as usual he was tied up to a outdoor seat outside the supermarket. When I got back to him, his leash had been neatly bitten through and yet he was sitting down waiting for me a few paces off the seat despite all the distractions that could have compelled him to move right away and go wandering.

    So I couldn't be too angry.

    Luckily I still have his new show leash and I did buy a chain leash some months ago which is a bit on the heavy side for a Corgi but at least he can't chew through that - or can he?

    Tomorrow(Saturday) he is entered in a dog dress-up parade in the main CBD street of Upper Hutt as part of UH's 50th year celebrations as a city. He will be wearing a full body cape that shimmers in the sun complete with a matching bow tie and I will wear a black and white dress hat, red shirt, black trousers and also a bow tie. We will be a pair.

    But no one is to bite through anything that is not food.

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