Fletcher has intolerance to beef

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    Fletcher Evans, my just turned two years old and extremely healthy Pembroke Corgi has only ever vomited three times since he arrived at my home at 10.5 weeks of age.
    The first was when my wife got him too excited straight after his dinner when he was around four months of age in chasing him around the lounge. Lesson learnt.

    The second time was after he had eaten a treat - a crispy baked cow's ear. This happened over a year ago. So I decided he maybe intolerant towards beef. And this was confirmed only the other day when he had five pieces of cooked beef rump steak supplementary towards his dinner and hours later vomited up the entire meal.

    So Fletcher has an intolerance/ allergy with beef. The dry kibble part of his meals have never been beef-related - they have been chicken, pork, venison, salmon, lamb etc and his wet meaty food has been possum. I did give him some cooked sheep heart just recently and he loved that and was fine.

    It is apparent that with some dogs, beef is too rich for their digestive system. With Fletcher it is no big deal. Beef holds no real importance in a dog's life. Fletcher has never had a bone - and the best bones to give a dog are of course raw and beef (canon, femur, shin and brisket)..

    My immediate last Corgi had an intolerance towards the structure of a bone. But bones for several reasons are not what dogs should be given.

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