Frodo Missed His Play Friend

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Frodo's Mom, Aug 1, 2013.

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    I was away on business for the last three days. Frodo didn`t get to visit with his best friend, my sisters Cairn Terrier. He went for lots of walks but apparently it just wasn`t enough.

    This morning I set off for my morning walk. It took 5 minutes to convince him to walk the opposite direction than his friend Annie`s house. I could see the look in his eyes and knew he was pining for her.

    Luckily he was able to go and spend the afternoon there. A full 5 hours of roughhousing broken up with naps together.

    Apparently by the second day of my trip Annie the Cairn Terrier was refusing all walks. If she wasn`t going to see Frodo she was not interested. She just laid on her back deck watching the gate to see when Frodo would finally arrive.

    I can see why people often have two dogs. Luckily for me I`ve been able to make the daily visits work so that Frodo gets doggie time without the need to have another dog in our home.

    And I have a guaranteed dog sitter in the family as well!
  2. Michael Romanos

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    Dogs who have 'special' doggie friends would probably prefer to see them often but not have them live in their house and 'compete' for food, attention and affection.

    Cairn Terriers are one of several in a group of dog breeds (including Corgis) who have the second level longest life expectancy (in NZ that is 14-16 years) and as I have previously said later this year I am writing a story on a prominent woman who among her Cairn Terriers had five who lived 18-23 years.

    When Taylor wants to go or not go places or directions or routes he will sit flat and refuse to budge and I usually comply or simply pick him up and carry him for 20-50 yards and away we go in the direction or place I wish to take him and me.

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  3. Finley

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    Finley has a doggie friend, the neighbor's beagle. He also has met with 2 other neighbors dogs but hasn't really played with them, just social greeting every now and then.

    The beagle's name is Daisy and she is about 2 weeks younger than Finley. She and Finley love to chase each other around the yard. It's hilarious to watch. When they can't play together or when 1 or the other is not around, you can tell they miss each as they are constantly looking for each other or watching for each other. She will sit in her yard and watch my yard for Fnley and vice versa. If they are both out but can't they sit and watch each other.

    Unfortunately they don't get to play as much as they would like (or I would like either because this completely tires Finley put and he sleeps for a good while afterwards, haha).
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    Taylor is very social and at Trentham Memorial Park which we often visit, he would prefer to stay in the car parking area so that he can continue to go and see every dog and human who is coming and going. He is seldom into 'playing' with the dogs he meets socially but loves the usual social discourse of dogs. What I have to watch out for is him attempting to investigate an aggressive dog - thankfully they are few and far between.

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