Getting a 2nd Corgi. Want high quality food. Should I worry about too much protein?

Discussion in 'Puppy Feeding' started by ryelinek, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. ryelinek

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    Hi Everyone!

    I am picking up our 2nd Corgi with my wife on February 7th! We are both super excited and I have started to look into puppy food. When our first Corgi was purchased I was only dating my wife so I was not nearly as involved and she did more than fine on Purina Pro Plan and still eats it.

    I want to move to more of a high quality food for the two of them and make sure I do right for this next pup. I have seen a lot of people rave about Acana or Orijen Food. While others have said there is too much protein which could cause loose poops and even pano in a young corgi body.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this or is Acana or Orijen a great first choice to use? I was also looking into maybe Blue Buffalo, Peformatrin (PetValu Brand but its at a good price), Versus, Evanders etc.....

    I would like a All Life Stages food that would be good for our new pup and our three year old girl. Any insight would be great!

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  2. Louwants

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    All stages would be the best then. If you want puppy food, get Large Breed. That is what my vet said, due to the fact corgis being dwarf dogs grow very fast, and too much protein can cause the plates and leg bones grown different rates, causing pain and limping. By the way, he had a corgi also.

    You are going to hear so much flak about dog food, if sometimes starts an argument on this forum, so, here is a link. Buy the best you can:
    Dog Food Reviews and Ratings | Dog Food Advisor

    Everyone has their favorite and all the brands you mentions are fine. Especially Blue Buffalo.
  3. Michael Romanos

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    Orijen is regarded as the world's best dry processed dog food for the past several years. Acana is not far behind. Both come from the same Canadian processors .Addicton dry food made in NZ has also been internationally recognised as up there with Orijen and Acana.

    They are all totally fine for Corgi puppies and are of course high in protein but not the highest among premium dog food. Orijen and Acana produce good firm but not bullet stools for MOST dogs including Corgis

    I would always give puppy stage premium food to Corgi puppies much ahead of so-called "all-stages" as I would senior stage food to TRUE senior Corgis as part of the contents reflect the needs of dogs at the stages of life that they are bound. Adult Corgis (aged 10 months and over) are suited to all-stages and adult stage food.

    There is nothing much wrong with ProPlan dog food.

    Yne thing about dry food is that they should be supplemented with wet food and even more importantly appropriate fresh vegetables - usually raw bit can be lightly steamed or boiled.

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  4. ryelinek

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    Thanks for the insight! I think I am either going to go with Orijen or Verus. Orijen seems great but I may just want to avoid the high protein to appease my mind even if it is something not to worry about. Verus seems to have some great Puppy and ALS food that is not super high in protein and is actually very fairly priced on A few breeders I have spoken to speak highly of it for quality and cost.

    It seems like once you get to a certain level of food you can't go too far wrong and it comes down to personal preference really.
  5. Michael Romanos

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    There is nothing wrong with the high protein content in most dog foods high in protein - in fact it is of course very beneficial.

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