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Discussion in 'Grooming & Care' started by Louwants, Nov 15, 2014.

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  2. Michael Romanos

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    Lou-Anne - the pen looks pretty good, inexpensive and is well suited to indoors.

    There are circumstances but a pen to me has a limited life - great for the first few months of an acquired Corgi puppy inside the house in certain parts of the house and the same with outside the house which in any case should always be fully fenced and secure, but may have plants etc that seem enticing to a Corgi puppy but are toxic or inappropriate ( if too much is consumed) and the owners cannot always be on "parental' duty.

    Anyway, play pens - child or canine - are much preferable for Corgis to that of cages.

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  3. eva

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    Do you need heavy duty pen for corgi puppy? Are meshed pens not a good choice?
  4. Michael Romanos

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    No you don't need a specific canine or heavy duty play pen for a Corgi puppy. But you do need a play pen that has a reasonable barrier height and is sturdy enough and then again is not liable to cause an issue for a puppy who tries to tear, rip or eat/ bite his/her way out.

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  5. Louwants

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    I thought the size would be more appropriate for people who go to corgi meetups and need a pen for rest time or control. I think 24' would be way to big for a house.

    Eva, no, you don't need a heavy duty pen for a puppy, but like above, great for adult dogs.

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