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Discussion in 'Holistic Care' started by ColColt, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. maisy

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    WOW, another raw milk lover! Congrats on finding it in your area. I was going to mention that I buy, drink and give my dogs raw milk, but the last time I mentioned that on a forum it caused a huge to-do so I kept quiet.

    I first heard about raw milk about 3 years ago and even over-nighted some from California - wonderful but heavens what I paid for shipping!

    I'm in Washington state and although technically legal here, no one sold any. There were a few farms with cow-shares but none close to me. I started requesting it from a food co-op in Olympia and a short time later they carried it. Then a few months ago a nearby feed store went organic. I stopped in and asked if they carried raw milk, he looked at me like I was nuts and hadn't even heard of it. But a few weeks later they had a sign out front advertising raw cow and goat milk. They carried the most amazing milk I'd ever drank, both the goat and the cow. It was a from a local woman and grass fed. She also didn't mix her milk prior to bottling, so what you got was from one cow. Unfortunately she wasn't able to continue to provide it to the feed store but another dairy is, although it doesn't taste as good - it is nice. So, after three years and craving raw milk, I now have it available just down the road.

    So glad to find another milk lover. BTW, if you suffer from allergies you may find that your bothered less. That's the one big difference I've noticed. When I run out for any length of time I find I wake up each morning very stuffy.
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    You're lucky to be able to go to a store and buy raw milk. In Texas, raw dairies cannot ship or deliver raw milk, so the purchase has to take place on the dairy farm. There is one farm 100 miles north of me and one farm 100 miles south of me. This "milk club" is a group of people who take turns driving out to the farm every other Tuesday to purchase and pick up orders for the whole group. Then everyone goes to one person's house to pick up their order during a one-hour time window. Not very convenient, but I just got my first gallon yesterday and it really does have a "healthier" fresher taste.

    I have read that a lot of people with allergies to milk, may not have milk allergies or lactose intolerance at all. Something with the high-temperatures in the pasteurization process may break down the molecular structure of what milk "is supposed to be". I don't know. It'll be interesting to see if my mild air-born allergies (mostly molds and pollens) clear up.

    If I can find a raw goat's milk club in addition to cow's milk, I'd like to make goat kefir for the dogs and cats. The kefir bacteria eats most of the lactic acid in cow or goat's milk (like yogurt), so it seems easy for the dogs to digest. They love it too! I made premeasured kefir ice cubes for them to make it easy to serve.
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    Hard to tell how long we'll be "allowed" to buy raw. I'm afraid that if there is just one scare the laws will be changed. One important thing that's just been studied is that it seems only grain-fed cows end up with e-coli. Both for milk and meat. Feeding grain changes their digestion and acid balance and cows won't eat it unless it's all they get (feed lots) or sweetened (dairys).

    I'd heard about people with lactose intollerance being able to drink raw. I have a friend who I've been trying to convince to try it, but it's been so many years that he's avoided milk he's finding it hard.

    I had heard that dogs do well on any raw milk, goat or cow, and that most dogs are intolerant due to the same thing that causes it in some people. I often buy my dogs their own quart of raw goat milk and give them some cow as well. I haven't noticed any digestive issues. But then again, I've been surprised that the organic pasturized milk I sometimes buy seems to agree with them okay as well.
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    Six months ago if someone told me that I'd be buying raw milk, sticking a little "cauliflower-looking" thing in it (kefir culture), leaving it out unrefrigerated for 24-48 hours, then drinking it, I'd have told them they were nuts. I can understand why your lactose-intolerant friend is balking. :)

    Because of the much stricter guidelines on dairies producing raw milk, it is healthier than it ever has been in American history, IMO, and much better that the "boiled" stuff from drugged, grain-fed cows that is readily available in supermarkets.

    In the whole state of Texas, there are only 9 farms certified as "Grade A Raw for Retail" for cow's milk. Yes, the FDA is just chomping at the bit to find one "incident" of illness. The farm I'm buying from gets inspected every other day by the state health department.

    Charlie gets 1 tablespoon of kefir and my Cairn Terrier gets 1/2 tablespoon of kefir a day. While I'd prefer to have a quart a month of raw goat's milk for their kefir, I think the small amount they get is just fine with cow's milk. The cat's will absolutely not touch any milk or kefir so far. LOL

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