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Discussion in 'BARF' started by FlyingCorgi, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. FlyingCorgi

    FlyingCorgi Senior Member

    Does anyone give supplements to prevent hip problems even though their corgis aren't showing signs of joint issues? Is it possible that this could be detrimental in any way?
  2. Dillydoodle

    Dillydoodle Senior Member

    I give both of mine Glucosamine Chondroitin daily. I spoke to my vet about it and he doesn't feel that there is any risk to doing so... I give it preventatively. Neither of my boys have issues yet...

    I used to give it to my elderly cat that had lost her mobility a bit due to arthritis and joint issues and it made a HUGE difference for her.

  3. Louwants

    Louwants Senior Member

    My chorgi was having trouble getting up and limping early in the morning last year, so I started giving her the Zukes Hip Treatment Treats. Seems to have helped her a lot. I'm going to start Duncan on them also, just to be safe
  4. Leah

    Leah Member

    Both of our corgis are on glucosamine and chondroitin. We started Gertie after she ruptured her ligament and had surgery. Her physical therapist said it would help in her recovery. And we started Fergie just as a precaution.
  5. Carrie

    Carrie Member

    I had a Chessie that we put on Glucosamine and Chondritin. It made the difference between him just barely being able to walk and actually functioning like a normal dog and playing.

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