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    My dog Pepper was diagnosed too late with kidney disease to change her situation. The Vet thought she'd be dead in a week based on lab and eating habits (not the dog's attitude), but with changes she lived four weeks.

    The internet was very resourceful for kidney disease remedies if I searched for humans. Pet treatment was only for bladder infection. The remedy had to be mail ordered and that took 10 days to receive. The remedies don't expire, regardless of what the FDA requires to be put on the label. This information is from a homeopath from England.

    The internet stated dogs should be given the lowest dose of remedy, and 6X and 30X is what is usually found in retail stores. Where in treating humans, a 200X would be prescribed and ordered through the internet.

    The Queen of England treats her family with homeopathy and I wouldn't be surprised if she treated her pembrokes too.

    The AMA considers homeopathy a placebo unless you have a doctor from India who is familiar with it, and they get angry if you don't tell them you are on some remedies. I got rid of a fatty cyst on my neck in 20 days with a prescribed remedy. Prescribed because I took the 1M dose.

    The beauty of homeopath is you can't do harm, and you just might guess right on the remedy for your pet. It is so hard because a pet can't answer questions like "are you better in a warm room", "are you stiff from overuse, or just after waking". Instead as an owner I observe she had incontinence when she barked and treated her successfully. A homeopath will review the personality and life situation to prescribe a remedy.

    I would love to find a pet homeopath to at least get a consultation to confirm you have to stay with the lower doses on a pet, and when there is urgent situations like I had with my dog. It can take two hours of reading the symptoms and possible remedies to determine which to give. There are several pet remedy books.

    My dog Loved the remedies and though of them as a treat. She was so patient waiting for another little pill. You can put them in water if you know they'll drink it all. She hated the alchohol based bach flower remedies. But the benefit of Rescue Remedy being so calming was worth the two second displeasure. No worse than a breath spray. There are some liquid and spray remedies, but she liked the little pills so much, why torture her.

    Remedies are treatment, nutrients in nutrition rebuild the immune system.

    I started using homeopathy when my child was born. I had befriended a woman who's mom is a homeopath in England. My husband has even come around, asking for a remedy and patient with my questions to determine which remedy would help. He was fine for an hour after a 2nd degree sprain and no other pain medicine except for 1M Arnica. That convinced him homeopathy worked. Yes, urgent care takes an hour to see a doctor. Course now he asks that I carry more than one Arnica on me.


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