I found a flea!

Discussion in 'Grooming & Care' started by Susan&Gus, Nov 1, 2012.

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    Now that I can reply, " like".
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    I don't know which States restrict Pugs or Golden Retrievers but they are part of a list of 75 dog breeds where many of the banning and restrictions can be traced to States while others I take it are segmented banning or restrictions within States. The list has been around since 2007-08 and has been 'upheld' or re-released in 2010 and again in 2012-13 but it seems to a compilation of banning and restricting in the USA taken from a number of sources.

    I would remind Emilie and others that subjects on Go Corgi almost always take different directions and subject matter and Emilie and Peggy are most certainly no exceptions in doing this kind of thing.

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    Sounds suspect to me.
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    "...probably because it goes directly to you..." I've posted less than 10 times to figure that one out...
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    Hey Michael, better to delete wuzzup's post - it refers to another post that you deleted. Gotta keep this place in your control! You must be a very lonely man. So lucky to have a corgi to keep you company.

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