I have a smelly puppy!! pls help/ advice

Discussion in 'Grooming & Care' started by kb90, Sep 11, 2013.

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    So Flash is 13 weeks old and when we first got him I thought he just smelt because he wee'd in his crate but after I bathed him he still smelt. same thing again after we went to the beach and I bathed him and he always has this doggy smell. I have read around on the forum and most people have said their corgis or corgis in general don't smell... so why does mine. its not terribly strong but it does smell and my mum reckons she can smell it when she walks in the house and its "stained" the carpet. Ive just bought some Pet head Strawberry lemon scented fragrance so hopefully that should mask the smell but could there be a reason. the breeder I got him from was feeding him supercoat (sold in Aus) do you think that cold affect the smell of his coat? any options or advice? thanks :)
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    Have him checked at the vet - sometimes a smell is a food allergy or an intestinal infection. They produce more oil on their skin when their tummies are troubled it seems. Adding coconut oil to his diet will help with the smell too, and keep in mind, he's a puppy, and puppies often have a distinct smell. My dog was a bit on the 'doggy' side when he was a younger puppy too, but at 8 months he's grown out of it for the most part. We have him on a grain free diet.
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    Corgis should not have a typical doggy smell that most other breeds of dogs have. But some people - esp among women - have quite sensitive smelling noses so this could be a factor in your case. But a Corgi that has a definite stinky or doggy-smell smell even after a proper quality shampoo bath, has very likely got a skin problem. Poor nutrition can also produce a negative smell from the skin/coat of a dog. A "bath" in sea water can often produce a doggy smell because salt sea water can be quite seriously polluted and seawater actually damages the coat and that is why I always say that ASAP after a swim in the sea, a dog should be soaked in or with fresh water.

    Pure coconut oil is great for the skin and coat of a Corgi - a half teaspoon - one teaspoon three times a week will be sufficient.

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