I need advice on cleaning pet urine.

Discussion in 'Holistic Care' started by dillan, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. dillan

    dillan Junior Member

    My cat is getting old and senile. She doesn’t quite make to the litter box all the time. I had the litter box in my closet – my carpeted closet. And now the smell from the carpet is permeating into my clothes. It’s gross! I moved the litter box and cleaned the carpet with a household carpet cleaner but it didn’t really help. I really need a Cat Urine Odor Remover . Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  2. Dillydoodle

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    I swear we just had a thread about cat urine on here ( despite this being a corgi dog site). Why no do a search for cat urine on here and I am sure you will find that thread where people gave advice on products to use.

    Good luck
  3. Corgis4me

    Corgis4me Senior Member

    I hope someone can recommend a product for cat urine odor, I have not seen one yet that works; I have three cats(and 4 litterboxes) and I know the odor of cat urine is very difficult to get out. But I wanted to mention that since your cat is older, why not add a couple of other litter boxes throughout the house in rooms that she wanders into. They say you should have one more box than the number of cats you have, so she should have at least 2 already, and I would add a 3rd one also; better than having urine stained carpeting and she would probably appreciate it also.

    You might want to try a carpet steamer and get a product Meant to be used with a carpet cleaning machine on that area that says for "odors" -
  4. Christa

    Christa Member

    We have a somewhat senior cat that is constantly throwing up on our carpet. I've found that the best thing for us is Spot Shot. I use Spot Shot and a hard brush and just spray it down, scrub, rinse the brush in water, repeat. It works well in most applications. Another thing that I've tried lately when I had a rather large spot that I thought was permanently stained was Resolve Fast-Acting Powder. It's a moist powder that you sprinkle over the area, scrub in with a brush, let dry 20 minutes, and then vacuum up. It worked really well and I was quite pleased. And it smells good too!
  5. LaRogue

    LaRogue Senior Member

    You might want to try serching for Listerine, too. I think Chris has a magic cat urine potion that has orginal (yellow) Listerine in it.
  6. MyPemCharlie

    MyPemCharlie Global Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Yes, I use 1/2 vinegar (1 c.), 1/2 water (1 c.), and one ounce of Listerine...I actually like the Mint-flavored mouthwash to cover up some of the vinegary smell. The main thing is the alcohol in the mouthwash breaks down some of the odor-causing bacteria/enzymes and the vinegar breaks down the others.

    I did not have this homemade "recipe" back when I had a senior cat go senile and start using the carpet behind the tv/entertainment center....for her last 3 years. :( Nature's Miracle and other brands did not work. Of course no products had time to dry before she peed on it again. You can usually get most of the stain/odor out of the carpet, but it's harder to remove from the carpet pad and the sub-flooring.

    Probably best to pull back the carpet and cut out the soaked padding. Then use either homemade or store-bought pet odor neutralizer on the underlayment and let it air out. You may have to repeat a few times. Replace the carpet pad with a new square, and use a neutralizing product on the carpet.
  7. Corgis4me

    Corgis4me Senior Member

    I have an almost 15 year old cat and my vet told me that sometimes older cats may vomit more because their plumbing slows down a bit because of age; they can get constipated or have harder stools which can cause vomiting. Sometimes adding some Fiber daily such as Metamucil or Benefiber or mirilax daily to some canned food can help clear up vomiting issues;(ask your vet for the dosage) or giving them canned pumpkin for fiber(if they will eat it)

    Also, you might want to ask your vet about giving Regular Strength Pepcid AC to your cat as this may help with his vomiting issues by settling his stomach. As always, ask your vet what the dose would be based on his weight and if this may help. My senior cat has used it for his upset tummy.

    Your cat may also have something like IBD(I have a cat with this condition) that used to vomit all the time, and that is something that can be managed better with a change in food and often medication. I switched him to a no grain diet and he takes a steroid every other day and he has greatly improved.
  8. Peggy

    Peggy Senior Member

    - White vinegar undiluted
    - Simple Solution or Nature's Miracle I think one of them makes a cat urine variety
    - Odormute New Page 2 Try this in a carpet steamer. It may smell worse at first when being steamed and until it's dry but it does work!

  9. Corgis4me

    Corgis4me Senior Member

    I have tried both of these suggestions in the past with no luck, when the urine gets into the pad, that is hard to get rid of and in the summer, when it is humid out, the smell comes out again.

    havent heard of this, but I have used an Odor remover (made by Rug Doctor) in my rug Doctor steam cleaner and this did help.
  10. Peggy

    Peggy Senior Member

    You have to get it down into the pad. Soak it and let it seep into the pad. That's the only way to get the smell out.

  11. Corgis4me

    Corgis4me Senior Member

    I tried that, regular vinegar by itself did not work for me nor did the other cleaners you mentioned.
  12. MyPemCharlie

    MyPemCharlie Global Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Straight vinegar never worked for me either...adding a shot of Listerine to vinegar/water was a miracle at my house. :)
  13. Dillydoodle

    Dillydoodle Senior Member

    What we tried at my old house where my elderly Clinton Kitty had multiple accidents: nature's miracle, resolve carpet clearner for pet stains, seltzer water, vinegar, FON ( some male cat pee remover from the vet's office), and Zero Odor...

    what worked? Ripping up the rug, removing the pad, and painting the sub floor with Kilz ( a sealer primer) and then getting a new pad and new rug... LOL! seriously though... nothing else worked

    Since he passed i discovered a product called " Get serious" which i have used on dog urine and it worked wonderfully..I have also used it on cat vomit and it worked great... i have two cats who don't ever pee out of the box so i have not had the opportunity to use it on cat urine as of yet...

  14. Spitfire IX

    Spitfire IX Senior Member

    I use a spray called Urine Gone that I picked up at Walgreen's after seeing commercials on TV. When our corgi Molly was diagnosed with lymphoma, she was on prednisone for awhile. This makes animals drink lots of water and pee a lot. Several times Molly could not get outside in time and peed on the floor. This spray really knocked out the stain and the smell. All I did was spray and blot. The spray supposedly has enzymes that actually "eat" the stain and smell.

    Never tried it with our cat, though, as she does not pee on the floor.
  15. marycorgi

    marycorgi Junior Member

    I use Nature's Miracle and LOVE it. I have never found anything that works this well. My husband details cars and he used to use Spot Shot and now he has switched to it too. It is truly a "miracle".
  16. janggeungulk

    janggeungulk Junior Member

    I know the smell of cat urine. Use pet odor removals or hire carpet steam cleaning services. They will help you .

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