Is NZ the best country to live in?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Michael Romanos, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. Michael Romanos

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    Here are the latest international surveys which amply portray New Zealand as being a great country to live in.

    NZ is the third FREEST market in the world beaten only by the city-states Hong Kong and Singapore.

    NZ is first for CIVIL LIBERTIES (freedom).

    NZ is second easiest country to do BUSINESS.

    NZ is the least CORRUPT country in the world.

    NZ is third for the GREATEST PROSPERITY in the world - behind Norway and Switzerland. This is based on wealth, health and happiness.


    There are one dog to every six households in NZ which places us second only to the USA (1 in 5) for dogs per human capita
  2. ZeldaTheCorgi

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    Having dogs in 1 in 5 households is the only thing the USA has going for it. I would love to move to a different (better) country, but I don't think I could leave my family behind. NZ really does seem like a fantastic place to live.
  3. Michael Romanos

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    Zelda - There are problems in NZ just like all nations. There are too many people in prisons, there are too many people who won't work and rely on the Government ,but NZ is fantastic as you say. It is no good for Republican Americans to live here because our popular current right wing Government is socialist to Americans. We have a virtual empty country apart from Auckland city yet we are the most sought after country in the world for emigrating to. We are a source of food supply for the world because of our climate and we have more national parks and reserves than any country in the world on a national park per size of country ratio. We do not have any dangerous animals and we have strict gun laws but not so strict as they could be and hunting for specific introduced animals is a major sport. We are isolated and protected (a safe haven) from many of the dangers in this world today - though not from the possibility of a major earthquake and one hit Christchurch some years ago and this city is still busily in the throws of rebuilding, and re-creating its CBD.

    I live just outside of Wellington, in Upper Hutt which is a small city and we here have the best deal for dogs and dog owners in NZ which falls short of Western Europe (because of NZ-wide regulations) but would be the envy of anyone living in the USA. Wellington is buzzing as the "coolest" little city in the world and has good job opportunities. Tourism is thriving in NZ and we are smashing records on tourists into NZ led by China in particular but still many others from many countries incl USA.. Everyone (apart from the tourists)i t seems knows a Corgi is a Corgi in NZ. Very few people who see my little wee 13 week old Fletcher doesn't recognise him as a Corgi.

    And we punch well above our weight in so many fields - sport in particular. We are gushing with world champions and world-class performers.
  4. Michael Romanos

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    Just announced here are the top five countries in the world for being charitable.

    Americans like to think that they are the most generous people in the world - but not quite.

    First for volunteering, helping strangers and donating money to charitable causes is Myanmar (Burma) with New Zealand and USA equal second, fourth is Canada followed by Australia.

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