Looking for general opinions and advice on new puppy situation.

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    We've had our little guy (Winston) for 5 days now. He's 8 weeks old today. I wanted to relay our general routine and he's general behavior and get advice on what we might want to reinforce or improve upon.

    So here's an average day in Winston's life thus far:

    6:00 am - Wake up, take him out of crate and take him outside to do his business. Lounge in pen until 6:30
    6:30 am - Eat breakfast while mom and dad eat their breakfast nearby (his playpen and crate are in the kitchen (about 5 feet from our bedroom door)
    7:00 am - Mom leaves for work, play with dad outside
    7:45 am - Dad leaves for class. Winston is in his playpen with food, water, toys (including a stuffed kong) newspaper, and a radio playing quietly.
    11:50am - Dad comes home for lunch. Play outside for 30 minutes, then lunch while dad eats his lunch.
    1:00 pm - Dad leaves for work Winston is back in his playpen.
    4:00 pm - Mom comes home, Playtime with mom outside
    5:00 pm - Dad comes home, Mom, Dad and Winston go for a walk.
    5:45 pm - Dinner time for Mom, Dad and Winston
    6:30 - 8:30 pm Dad studies, Mom and Winston alternate between outside playtime and Winston laying near mom as she reads
    8:30 pm - last potty break, Winston gets in crate for the night.
    12:00 am - Dad wakes up and takes Winston outside for potty break
    3:00 am - Mom wakes up and takes Winston outside for potty break

    Rinse - Repeat. This is the longest day of the week. Usually I (dad) am home until 10:00am or back home by noon or 3:00. So the longest Winston is every alone is 4 hours. We wish he didn't have to be, but that's how it is for the next few weeks.

    Winston's behavior:
    Winston alternates between an angel and a menace. Sometimes after playing, he'll come inside and lay down near us and rest quietly, sometimes he'll come in and want nothing but to chew on our clothes, hands, or feet. Playing outside, he is usually more interested in biting out pant legs or hands than he is in playing with the toys we brought for him. Playtime usually consists of tug-of-war, running from one end of he yard to the other, or training exercises.

    Some nights he sleeps peacefully and we have to wake him up to go outside. Some nights he wakes us up with whining and then whines another 30 min or so before finally falling asleep.

    We know whining and biting are part of being a puppy, bu we're afraid his behavior is partially a result of being left alone for several hours some days, or that we aren't training him like we should.

    If you want any more details, please ask. We just want to be sure that we're raising this little guy right. Thank you!

    This is Winston by the way:
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  2. ZeldaTheCorgi

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    What a cutie! Winston is just adorable :)

    Winston sounds like a typical puppy, they get spurts of energy and can't help but run around like crazy. As far the the biting and nipping, it is common puppy behavior but make sure you stop him immediately and tell him a firm "no" while you look him in the eyes. Then, give him something else to chew on. It sounds like he may be teething, so keep some strawberries in your freezer- he will like the taste and the cold will soothe his gums. If this doesn't work, you could also try taste aversion methods like telling him no and then applying a bitter spray on your hand, or you can spray it directly into his mouth. You want to make sure that you wash your hands well afterwards and give him something appropriate to chew on.

    As for the whining, it seems like he is just adjusting to his new schedule and home, so the best thing you can do is ignore him. He wants attention when he whines, so if you completely ignore him he should stop doing it. As for the 4 hour gap, that can actually be a good thing to prevent separation anxiety later. You want him to be okay with having time alone.

    Best of luck! Puppies are so much fun!
  3. Michael Romanos

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    A step backwards for a start was the early release by the breeder of Winston at about seven weeks when at least nine weeks of age is recommended.
    Of course a young Corgi puppy needs relatively 24/7 care. Puppies should be getting three-four mealtimes a day and constant access to fresh, cold, clean water.
    I don't buy into crate/cage confinement. One of the aspects of the absence of the owners for periods of time with young pups are toilet issues including training.

    Crying is not simply part of being a young puppy - puppies and adult dogs do not bark, whine (cry) for no reason.

    Keep everything that you don't want him to chew or bite or swallow, away from his reach - clothes included.

    He should not be waking up at 3am but sleeping from his last toilet walk (which is the last thing you do before going to bed say at 11pm) and around 5.30am-6am in the morning. Is there too much sleeping/resting time during the day? Is he hungry because he is not getting 3-5 mealtimes a day including "supper". Note meal-times do not mean complete meals - just apportioned meals.

    In the absence of the owners on a regular basis, one can get volunteer help for an hour by friends, neighbours or relations or hired help.

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  4. wuzzup

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    We've had our little guy (Winston) for 5 days now. No opinion just, simply, a request.
    Follow the schedule you've described for 60 days. Then, share a follow-up observation, please.
  5. alystrup

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    Could you expand on this a little? I've read from dozens of sources that a puppy his age should not be expected to hold his bladder for more than about 3 hours. Are you saying he should be going at 11pm and then holding it for 6 or 7 hours until the morning? He isn't waking up at 3 am. We are waking him up at 3 am because we don't want him urinating in his crate.

    As far as meals go: He hasn't really been eating much. I put about 1 cup of dry dog food, mixed with a little water in his bowl in the morning, and it usually stays there until the evening. Should I be taking the bowl away except for designated meal times?

    Thanks for the suggestions.
  6. ZeldaTheCorgi

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    Sometimes when puppies first come home, they can have upset stomachs. Are you feeding the same food as the breeder? When we first brought Zelda home she was that way too but when we were switching her food, she would eat the new brand but leave the old brand in the bowl. So it may be that he just doesn't love his food. I'd also recommend a grain-free diet, dogs don't naturally eat grains and they have difficulty digesting it.

    As far as the bathroom breaks go, I think it's perfectly fine to take him out at 3 in the morning. In a couple weeks you can probably move to waking him up at 4, and then gradually working up to 5 or 6 in the morning. We crate trained our puppy and she loves her crate. We are really glad we crate trained her, it makes traveling much easier.
  7. Michael Romanos

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    Winston should be sleeping through a good portion of the night - say 6-8 hours in normal circumstances and while he is asleep toileting will not arise. It is only when he wakes up either at a normal duration time or because of some issue like that of which i suggested, that he needs to be taken to the toilet. i have had six Corgis and many many more have come to stay with me and never had a need to get up at 3am for toilet purposes. Toileting for puppies is usually attached to or after an 'event' and not say every so many hours. But with adults they prefer to have the opportunity to toilet about every eight hours.

    Your breeder did not provide you with good information on feeding. Do the 3-5 mealtimes a day that I had suggested which means very small portions, And supplement with fresh and appropriate vegetables so that he is getting around 1.5 standard cups in total per day. Instead of adding a little warm water to soak in to the kibble your Corgi would appreciate supplementary wet food such as canned dog food or dog roll food. If you do this it will heighten the taste of the meals for your Corgi and you must decrease the amount of dry food so that he still gets 1.5 cups per day of food in total. But having said that, I would add daily either a couple of large size dog biscuits or a pig/venison/veal/sheep ear as well. if he is not eating with some enthusiasm he may not be enjoying the food you give him so as well as what i have suggested, a gradual change to another kibble product might serve him well.

    Never leave his meals available to him for more than 5-10 minutes.

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  8. CeeCeeRed

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    Congrats on the cutie! Bringing our litte guy home tomorrow at 8 weeks.

    Though the last post about the chew item... I thought you weren't supposed to give your dogs pig ears?

    Been doing research but it's hard sometimes to really know what to give them since some say sometbimg is okay and others scream it's not.

    Our corgi pup will have a similar schedule to yours with a pet sitter coming at the 4 hour mark to play and have a bathroom break since me, mom, works too far away to make it home for lunch and dad's lunches are too short.
  9. Michael Romanos

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    My Corgis get lamb ears, cows ears or venison ears- and not any product of China.

    Cows and lamb/sheep ears are perfectly safe and together with bully sticks are recommended for puppies and adult dogs.
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