Merry Christmas 2014

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Michael Romanos, Dec 21, 2014.

  1. Michael Romanos

    Michael Romanos Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    A very merry Christmas to all the Go Corgi members, past and present.

    I am at home this Christmas, New Year and holiday period but almost a year ago arranged a four day (Corgi-less) February tramp(hike) around Lake Waikaremoana which is a glorious clear, clean secluded lake with beaches surrounded by native bush and forest. I am among a group of friends and we will take out a fishing licence because the trout is waiting for us.

    My daughter is home from volunteer service abroad in Vanuatu just for Xmas. So all my family will be together. She has left her young 'village' dog with friends in Vanuatu who promise not to eat her or cut of her tail even if she is naughty.

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  2. wuzzup

    wuzzup Senior Member

    My son (chemical engineer) will be spending his Xmas in Spain on business. My daughter will be in Aspen, CO, skiiing. So, it's will be just me and the mrs, plus, of course, our two "boys" for the holidays. Pan fried lake trout...Doesn't get any better than that! You're a lucky dog, Mike! Merry Xmas, all!
  3. Michael Romanos

    Michael Romanos Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    Christmas day in Wellington is scheduled to be sunny and about 25C (77F) at its peak which will mean we will be spending a lot of the day outdoors - might just decide to have the Xmas dinner (lunch, really) on the decking.

    The trout sounds good.

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  4. Cheetah

    Cheetah Global Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Merry Christmas! =)​
  5. Michael Romanos

    Michael Romanos Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    Well, its Christmas Day here (10am) and the sun has yet to peak through the clouds but it is warm and I am wearing a singlet tee and shorts and already been for a lengthy walk. Filled hot croissants and brewed coffee for breakfast coming up. Cinnamon sprinkled on the coffee - a health food brilliant also for Corgis to have a little sprinkled onto their food regularly.

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