Montrose & Dylan's medical updates.

Discussion in 'Health Issues & Questions' started by CorgiMum, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. CorgiMum

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  2. fido

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    So glad to hear Dylan is on the mend! Monty is a very blessed to have you.

    Take care.
  3. corgimom

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    I am happy to hear that Dylan does not need another surgery and that the meds are helping.:) It must have been sweet to see him reacting to the music that he was familiar with - how cute is that.

    What saints these people are from K-9 carts to do this for owners and their pets. I enjoyed the video, it was very touching. Best wishes for you and Monty on the 27th when you go to get her cart, I am sure it will be an emotional day for you. When she starts to zip around in her cart, maybe you will be able to video tape that for us to see. I will be thinking of you. Good luck and I wlll look forward to hearing about how it went and how Dylan will take to "dancing" again.
  4. CorgiMum

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  5. ZdogZ

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    Your story brings tears to my eyes and gives me chill bumps. I hope things continue to get better for you and your babies. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.
  6. Jespah

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    Sounds like things are getting better for you Barbara. You all deserve it for what you've been through. I hope you haven't been under the boil water advisory or without hydro - I was thinking of you this week.

    Give the kids scritches under the chin from us!
  7. CorgiMum

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  8. Dillydoodle

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    I just watched the video clip from the TV show on K-9 carts and I am still crying. I am so touched by this company and what they do for animals. I was really upset and saddened that some of the dogs were abandoned by their original owners after they had accidents leaving them paralized- thankfully they found new and loving owners.

    Barbara, thanks for posting that clip. I am really happy to hear that Dylan is doing well on the medication and that no further surgery will be needed. I am sure he will be back to his full freestylin' routine in no time! I know you must be so excited for the 27th to get Montrose her cart. I am sure she is going to be so happy to have her wheels and be able to really move around again. I hope that once things settle down a little for you and she is used to her cart that you would post a video clip of her in it. I think it is inspiring. and also it could be useful should someone find ithe clip down the road while looking for information and options for DM. Sending hugs to you and the pups.
  9. milosmom

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    Corgimum, thank you for your update and the link to view the story about the carts. I'm glad to hear Dylan is better and Monty will be getting his wheels soon! I'm happy to know the world has people like Barbara Parkes in it. Best of luck to you! :)
  10. jprechel

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    Barbara, We are so glad to hear things are finally starting to calm down for you and Montrose & Dylan! You have all been through so much. Wonderful news that Dylan is recovering nicely. It is very sweet that he was doing his dancing moves to the music! Hope all goes well for Monty on the 27th. It will be a wonderful site to see Monty zooming around in her new wheels. Thanks for the video link - what an amazing group of individuals.
  11. CorgiMum

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    I'm so glad to hear that some sunshine has come into your life Barbara. Hopefully Dylan will be weaned successfully off the medication, and Monty will be h*ll on wheels! Jackie and I are keeping our paws crossed. Bet of luck to you and your doggies.

    PS - If Dylan gets new duds for dressage (and I think he deserves some), we need to see pics!!! And video of Monty zooming around with her cart too! The offer to paint her some flames is still open . . . . ;)
  13. tandemgal

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    So glad things are going better for you and yours! How cool it must have been to see Dylan dancing! Hope you have been taking your vitamins so you can keep up with him on the dance floor - we will need video!

    And more good news with Monty getting her cart in just a few days! The news clip was great - that little corgi near the end was moving really well. If Monty sees Dylan dancing you know she is going to get right in the act too.
  14. Checkers

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    So glad to hear the pupsters are doing better and Monty is getting a new leash on life (no pun intended). Always good to hear some good news...will be keeping you and your crew in our thoughts today... especially Monty as she adjusts to her new wheels.

  15. corgimom

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    I am hoping that Barbara and her Husband and the dogs got there. She let me know late yesterday that there was a big snow storm, and she wasn't sure if they could make it today.
  16. CorgiMum

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  17. corgimom

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    Sorry to hear about that Barbara.:( I was hoping since you had not posted earlier, that somehow you made it. I hope the waiting for the next time will pass quickly for you.
  18. CorgiMum

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  19. Fluffypants

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    Good luck Barbara, and stay warm! :)
  20. milosmom

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    Corgimum, just wondering how your Montrose and Dylan are doing and have you had a chance to shovel your way out to get Montrose her cart? I don't know what the weather is like out your is has turned bitterly cold here. Anyway, it feels like snow and that made me think of Monty's cart adventure.
    Please give us an update about your fuzzy babies! :) Thanks!

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