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Discussion in 'General Puppy Discussions' started by SassyPants, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. SassyPants

    SassyPants Junior Member

    To start, I joined this website because I'm looking for a puppy from a breeder and there's a lot pro-rescue/no to breeder type things online. I feel as if this is a safe zone and just needed to express my story somewhere.

    I knew I wanted a pembroke welsh corgi puppy for a very long time. I did some research on breeders and I thought I was good to go, so I started my search this summer. Man, should I have started much earlier. It all started pretty well. I got in contact with a breeder referral through a local club. She gave me a few names. I called one of those people and filled out a questionnaire. I talked to this person on the phone, she sent me pictures, and I thought I was good to go. I understood that doing all this did not guarantee me a puppy, but man, those pictures went straight to my heart. About a month later, I wasn't getting any updates from the breeder and asked that person when we could pick up the puppy. Yeah, no. This person said there might not be a puppy available now. Another breeder came into the picture and wanted a puppy, so I was on the outs. She repeatedly told me she would update me, despite this new news. Yeah, no updates. I had to e-mail each time I wanted to know anything. Now, I fully believe this person had every right to sell the puppies to whomever. That's not my beef. I just wanted updates. I'm new to this world. I wasn't sure if it was appropriate to be looking elsewhere. To tell this person or not that I wanted to look elsewhere. I didn't want to cut off my ties with this breeder. In the end, I decided this breeder wasn't for me and basically ended it. A month wasted.

    From there, I went back to the referral person at the local club. No new information there. I contacted a couple people who might have had puppies earlier in the summer. Not anymore, but they gave me some referrals. Nothing there either. I felt slightly desperate. So I looked at the AKC website and contacted someone who looked reputable. I almost bought a puppy from this person, but after A LOT more research on this person and breeders in general, I realized that it was the wrong decision. No genetic testing, bred her females too often, smaller sized dogs, no questionnaire, etc. She was perfectly nice and had great referrals (I even talked to her vet), but it felt all wrong. Too easy. I walked away.

    So, here I am now. Contacting people in a different club, slightly farther away. Anywhere where I'm willing to drive is a possibility for me. Time ticks away. I send e-mails, wait for responses. Fill out questionnaires, wait for responses. It's a little discouraging, but I want to get a happy, healthy puppy from a reputable breeder. *Sigh*

  2. Cardiguy

    Cardiguy Senior Member

    I would look up the pembroke club of america website and go to breeders in your area. All breeder have to sign ethical agreements before listed so alll should be reputable. Send emails, make phone calls, ask for recommendations to the breeders in your area.
  3. SassyPants

    SassyPants Junior Member

    Thanks. I've looked up that club as well. There's a lot of crossover from the local clubs and the pembroke club of america. I've actually created a spreadsheet of who I've contacted and where they live. When I don't hear back, I give it a week and follow up. I kind of just go from one referral to the next. Anyhoo, right now, 6 hours is about all I want to drive to get a puppy. I don't want to have it flown to us. Also, because my sister is pro-rescue, I've insisted with every breeder I've e-mailed, that I must come pick up the puppy in person. I'll keep chugging along though.
  4. Michael Romanos

    Michael Romanos Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    As I have said many times here, don't restrict your search for a well bred Corgi puppy from wonderful breeders to just your area/region or where you are able to drive to and from.

    Air freight is quick and is often a better and safer option than a car ride for the puppy.

    Find a great and careful breeder who is also a great communicator through emails and phone calls. You won't even have to make a visit - as photos of parents - even grandparents - as well as the puppies plus full details will do just as well.

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  5. wuzzup

    wuzzup Senior Member

    Red (The Shawshank Redemption): "Geology is the study of pressure and time. That's all it takes, really...pressure and time."
    Nothing good ever comes easy, so, just maintain the pressure. The longer it takes, the more meaningful it becomes. Why does everyone want everything, right here, right now?
  6. Gally

    Gally Senior Member

    My advice would be to get in touch with at least two reputable breeders who are registered with the pembroke club of america. Feel them out now and make sure you click with them and agree with their breeding practices. Then ask to go on both their wait lists. Most reputable breeders have wait lists so that when they do their next breeding all the puppies are already spoken for before the breeding even happens. This ensures all puppies find the right home.

    You might end up waiting 6+ months for the right puppy but it will be worth it in the end to have the right companion for you.
  7. Michael Romanos

    Michael Romanos Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    There are probably three Pembroke Corgi breeders in NZ who are not always breeding to size as per the standard ie undersize and are also mating anything with anything ie not having a carefully planned programme of good breeding and enhancing the breed. I keep clear of these breeders when it comes to matching people up with puppies.

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  8. cindeelili

    cindeelili Junior Member

    I know exactly how you feel. I started my search about a month ago, not as long as you, but also feeling really discouraged. I contacted all the reputable breeders listed on the club sites and only a couple responded back. I was told that most breeders are usually busy caring for their dogs and attending shows so I'm trying to be really patient. The ones that did respond back kinda intimidated me a bit, and I felt like they didn't want to get to know me. Maybe because I am a first-time dog owner? But I emphasized that I have done alot of research and I'm continuously learning to prepare myself. Also, they told me to just check their sites for updates or call back in couple of months. Building a relationship with a breeder is really important to me as he/she is supposed to provide life time support when you own of their puppies. When it seems like they don't care that I contacted them in advance, it really discourages me.

    I also got really desperate to the point that I was considering a backyard breeder. After researching and asking for opinions, I decided not to go down that path. The breeder is not a terrible person and I'm sure she does care for her dogs, but there was lack of health clearances. I did not want to take the risk of owning a puppy that could potentially have many problems later on.

    I did find a breeder that was really responsive and I felt like she was easy to talk to, but this is through e-mail communication. The only issue is that she is 4 hours away from me. When I started my search, I ideally wanted to find breeders within 1-2 hrs distance. At this rate, I might need to consider her or expand my search =\

    I hope you will find your puppy soon. The process does take time and effort, and I've talked to other corgi owners that searched/waited for over a year! In the end, it will be worth it :)
  9. SassyPants

    SassyPants Junior Member

    Cindeelili- I would expand your search! Just think about it this way. If you find someone 4 or 5 hours away, that's only a days drive to pick up the puppy and drive back. You could even make a long weekend out of it! I have been able to get in contact with some breeders. So don't lose hope!

    My only regret is not starting my search immediately after my wedding! If I had known it would take this long, I would have started searching right away!

    Good luck!
  10. cindeelili

    cindeelili Junior Member

    SassyPants - Thanks for your words of encouragement! :) The only issue is that the breeder requires my family and me to visit in order to be PUT on the waiting list. Then she'll probably ask me to visit couple more times to meet the puppy before taking her/him home. So in total, I'll probably need to drive there about 3 times..oye. If it was only 1 time to meet and pick up the puppy, then I wouldn't mind. Plus, my parents are at an age where they can't really handle long car rides so I need to considerate of them too =\ 8 hours round trip is long + traffic! Does the breeder, you contacted, requires to meet with you prior purchasing?
  11. SassyPants

    SassyPants Junior Member

    That is a lot of driving! I understand now. The breeders I've talked to have not required me to meet them in person, but I grew up with two family dogs and own a cat at the moment. I guess experience counts for something, even when it comes to getting a dog.

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