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    at what age can a get my corgi neutered? He is 6 months now. The vet said with short boned dogs we wait a year because the lack of testosterone once neutered causes the short bones to grow longer And that makes them weaker. I would like to get him fixed soon to decrease some aggressive issues.
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    Neutering a dog presents a considerable increase in health risks, physical adversities and personality shifts so that the Corgi you got is not the Corgi you have or will develop following neutering. And neutering can actually work against the idea that a neutered dog is less aggressive or non-aggressive. Your Corgi pup should not have aggression issues. Perhaps he is just going through the learning puppy thing or perhaps the owners and handlers are not using good management and care skills or if the aggression has always been a fixture, it might be inherent and in that case the puppy should have been returned to the breeder. Pembroke and Cardigan Corgis (Pembroke especially) are not to show any signs of unsolicited aggression male or female and any unsolicited aggression is not part of the Standard of either breed.

    A dog should not be neutered until they are well over 12 months of age.
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