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    Within the next two years there will be a new pure-bred dog breed registered with the international canine association - and it will be New Zealand's first indigenous pure breed dog.

    The breed is called Huntaway and it is the most typical farm working dog in New Zealand but it is already world famous having starred in international trialling. But up till just recently there has never been any effort to turn this great farm working dog into a recognised and official pure bred, a standard set and able to also be exhibited at any conformation dog shows.

    The Huntaway is a combination of three major dog breeds - Border Collie, Labrador Retriever and German Shepherd and has been part of the farming scene in NZ for around 120 years. Huntaways with their speed, strength and intelligence are also very good at agility. The Huntaway will be a truer reflection of a country like NZ than the Australian Shepherd is to Australia because the latter is really a Spanish breed of dog according to the president of the NZ Kennel Club in tonight's news on tv.

    One of my closets neighbour's where i currently live had a Huntaway. They are not aggressive dogs are very loyal, in need of activity and they are shorter than a German Shepherd and most have a brindle coloured coat and some have mainly black coats Their coats are corse like that of a Cardigan Corgi but are not as well coated as a Cardi They are nicely tailed and they have a happy, attractive face.

    There is a monument to a typical Huntaway in a NZ town.

    Any takers?

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