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Discussion in 'Puppy Feeding' started by Volntitan, May 6, 2013.

  1. Volntitan

    Volntitan Member

    Our beloved tri pass away a couple of months ago and we now are ready to get a new corgi. We have missed the trip trapping, being under out feet in the kitchen, barking at the TV and zooming.

    I always like to feed my dog as good as I can within reason (i.e. raw diet not within reason...), so I was feeding her Orijen/Acana. She did great on in. The question I have was is it ok to feed this to a pup as well since it is grain free? Obviously I'll have to slowly ween him/her on it (Had a female before, thinking male this time), but didn't know if that was too much protien for such a young dog.
  2. Michael Romanos

    Michael Romanos Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    Orijen in particular and also Acana are great foods for dogs of any age, Orijen probably lives up to its reputation and ranking as the world's best food for dogs.

    Many of the grains appropriate for dogs are excellent source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and I have had published a story on the many benefits of cooked corn. Both Orijen and Acana have dry food products that include grain. Grain is better for some dogs than is protein or an oversupply of protein.

    Wheat middlings, wheat gluten and flour are useless for dogs.

    Sorry to hear of your loss and hope that you find some consolation when your new Corgi arrives. We all learn from the experiences we have had with other Corgis and try not to make the same mistakes if there were any.

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  3. Louwants

    Louwants Senior Member

    So sorry for your loss.

    I found this, maybe it will help with your question

    Dog Food FAQs: Protein

    Now with that being said, my vet suggested a large breed puppy formula for my dog when he was little. This suggestion came because he was developing a limp, and the vet said (and through research ) that dwarf dogs grow very fast, and the protein in the puppy food it too much. They can grow faster than their growth plates in their legs, causing possible leg problems.

    So, a large breed puppy formula or an all stage dog food will be fine. If you find you need more protein to help with their ears that may droop during teething, add so yogurt with the meal.

    I can't take credit for all this information, I found this through research and from some of the breeders who are on this forum. They will be your greatest source of information and help , they have for me.
  4. LaRogue

    LaRogue Senior Member

    I'm very sorry to hear you've lost your beautiful girl. She was stunning and I always enjoyed seeing her pictures. My deepest sympathies to you and your family.
    As Lou Ann posted, large breed puppy or all life stages is appropriate. Double check the Orijen bag, for the appropriate for all life statement. They recently reformulated and I see the chicken formula, at least, is being called Adult Dog but couldn't find a life stage statement on their website. There may be one on the bag or maybe I missed it, but if the statement is not on the bag, then it is not suitable for puppies.
  5. Kevan h

    Kevan h Senior Member

    Hi you can go to Champion Petfoods | Home they are the makers of both acana and orijen and you can email them and get fairly quick responses,
  6. Peggy

    Peggy Senior Member

    Yes, what you have been feeding will be just fine for your puppy.

  7. Volntitan

    Volntitan Member

    Thanks for the responses. I'm leaning to orijen for sure. Was planning to get puppy, but sounds like large breed or adult is what I should get. I fed my girl about 1/2 to 3/4 twice daily. It's been so long since I've had a pup, I remember thinking you fed pups 3 times a day. Does that still hold true?

    We found our pup. Our first boy dog, so will be a new adventure. But so impressed with the the breeder (puppy's parents both dm free, he's microchipped, already gettin him used to grooming, crate trained, etc), that we went for their only pup who is a little guy. Not sure what to expect with boys, but very excited.

    Here are couple of pics out our future boy:

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  8. Louwants

    Louwants Senior Member

    Duncan was my first male also, and he has been no trouble. He was neutered as soon as his testicles dropped, around 5-6 months I think. I didn't want to have him in the habit of marking. Some say that's too young and they don't fill out well. Well, if that is true, I'm glad I had Duncan done early. He's a bruiser of a boy, 12" at the shoulder and 21" long. Like a said, a big boy.

    I wouldn't trade him for the world, although there at times when I say I'd give him to someone who wants him...LOL! Just that corgi stubbornness.
  9. Cardiguy

    Cardiguy Senior Member

    He looks so serious in those pictures, especially the first one. Bring him home and put a smile on his face.
  10. Volntitan

    Volntitan Member

    He does look serious! Apparently he went to visit his dad in east TN and went on a long road trip, so was pretty bushed when they took the pick.

    Now...long time since had a pup. Any "got to get" toys, chews, treats, etc?
  11. Volntitan

    Volntitan Member

    So question about food. I see where folks say feed large breed or adult formula because puppy normal formula has too much protein. But when I look at the analysis, they all have 38% protein. I know Acana's large breed puppy is about 32% but it also isn't grain free.

  12. Firestar1215

    Firestar1215 Member

    I've heard that it's because of the added calcium, not protein. Corgi's grow faster then the average dog on their own, and supposedly puppy food has to much calcium, because it will accelerate their growth further and cause them to have plate issues. Mind you this is what I see on the site.

    Personally i'm going to feed my dog purina one, though that's a pretty blasphemous thing to say on this site.
  13. Peggy

    Peggy Senior Member

    They don't all have 38% protein. Go with an all life stages with a lower protein.

    It's not just the protein, it's the added calcium in puppy formulas also.

  14. Dillydoodle

    Dillydoodle Senior Member

    Sorry to hear that your corgi passed. It is so hard. I am glad that you are opening year heart and home to a new companion. The new little guy is adorable. I am sure he will bring you many years of joy.

    For the food, I think it is a trial and error thing and may take some experimenting to find the right food that works for your pup. I tried Orijen and my boys cannot eat it, it is just too rich for them, sadly.

    i agree with Peggy that feeding an all life stages food is probably the way to go. I fed puppy food (innova) to Dillon early on and he started growing too fast and had issues with pano. My next puppy will be fed an all life stages food that is not super high in protein. Right now I feed the boys Fromms and I am very happy with their foods.

    Good luck finding something that works for your guy and congrats on the new puppy, I am sure you cant wait to get him home

  15. Volntitan

    Volntitan Member

    Anyone feed the dehydrated food like Honest Kitchen? If so, how much do you feed your pup?
  16. Volntitan

    Volntitan Member

    So going to go with Kibble. He has been eating Science Diet, but want to transition him to better food. Was looking at Orijens or Fromm. Should I just go with normal "adult" food and not the puppy formula?
  17. Peggy

    Peggy Senior Member

    In my opinion, yes, go with the "adult" (all life stages) food and skip the puppy formula. There will be plenty of nutrition in the foods you're considering.

  18. Volntitan

    Volntitan Member

    I've always heard Orijen was "the best", would you consider that true? I wanted to do the raw/homecooked deal with the freeze dried food, but wife isn't "down" with it, so want to get the best kibble I can.
  19. Peggy

    Peggy Senior Member

    The best food is the one you can afford and your dog does well on. Orijen is a brand I've not yet tried on my dogs, so I can't comment on if it's any better than any others. I'll let those that have fed it tell you their experiences.

  20. Dillydoodle

    Dillydoodle Senior Member

    I love Orijen on paper, but unfortunately my boys are unable to eat this food, it is just too rich for them and cannot digest it properly. A lot of folks do feed orijen and like it though. as i said, it is great food, just not right for my guys. the food that seems to work best for my boys is Fromms, but i have tried different foods over the years with a few working out well. It may take some trial and error to find the best food for your pup.


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